Robert Lockwood  posted this information to
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copyright restrictions mentioned here and in the related files.
					(- August 1996)
In Novell Corporate Publishing Services, we have developed a prototype
process for doing a DocBook to HTML conversion that we are glad to
share, with the following disclaimers:

- This material is copyrighted by Novell, Inc. Any derivative works
developed from these scripts should acknowledge Novell's ownership of
the original source.

- The materials are proof-of-concept level code that is intended for a
specific implementation within Novell. In making the script available, Novell
does not promise, imply, or otherwise suggest that the script is useful in
any way to anyone else.

- Novell provides these materials for informational purposes only, on an
"as is" basis. While Novell welcomes feedback on the script (please
direct follow-up correspondence to this list or to, Novell makes no commitments relative to
responding to bug reports, requests for additional information, or any
other communication relative to the script.

Having said all that, we have an Omnimark-based process that takes an
SGML source document and builds what I affectionately refer to as a
"Pile O'HTML"; a series of HTML files at the chapter and sect1 levels,
along with toc and other useful files. You will need Netscape 2.0 or later
to get the full effect, since it presumes support for frames. You will also
need to provide your own icon graphics, called out at appropriate points
in the HTML files.

I will provide the following files in separate postings (since the list server
rejected my message due to size limits the first time around...):

1. sgml2html: (s2h) Unix script to run the conversion process. You'll have
to adjust the variable settings at the beginning, and provide your own
library and SGML declaration files. In my installation of this, I have it setup
in such a way that SGML documents have a public identifier at the start
that maps through the library file to an "unwrapped" version of the
DocBook DTD; that is, the SGML declaration, "DOCTYPE" line, and ending
"]" are removed.

2. sgml2htmlpre.xom:  (pre.xom) First-pass Omnimark script that counts
sections inside each

3. sgml2html.xom: (s2h.xom) Second-pass Omnimark script, which does
the bulk of the processing

Bob Lockwood
Novell, Inc.
Corporate Publishing Services