DocBook XML Schema

Norman Walsh

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12 Jan 2001

Revision History
Revision Jan 2001ndw
Updated experimental release.
Revision Jan 2001ndw
Updated experimental release.
Revision Oct 2000ndw
Initial experimental release.

This is the README for the DocBook XML Schema.

The DocBook XML Schema V4.1.2.3 attempts to be an accurate translation of the DocBook XML V4.1.2 DTD.

In this version, the parameterization of the schema is roughly identical to the parameterization of the DTD. This may change as I begin to experiment with the construction of derivative schemas.

Alpha Release

DocBook XML Schema V4.1.2.3 is an experimental release. It validates with XSV version SV of 2000/10/31 16:30:47 on my system.

I welcome reports of success or failure with other XML Schema validation tools.

The namespace names (URIs) used in this schema are purely imaginary. They have no official status, nor do they foreshadow the future existence of any similar official URIs. I had to use something.

The DocBook XML Schema is known to differ from the DocBook DTD in the following ways:

With the exception of tables, which will definitely require some markup changes in the instances, documents that are valid against the DTD should be valid against this schema.