Press Release

Member Call for Participation: DSML Mailing List

Dear OASIS Members, Bowstreet has requested creation of a mailing list for the purpose of founding a Technical Committee to establish DSML as an open standard, through OASIS, so that developers and vendors will be able to adopt it into their systems. The TC will also refine and enhance the standard, using version 1.0 as a base. We expect to add features from the list on and others as decided by the TC. This mailing list,, is now fully operational. DSML is a markup language for representing directory services in XML. With a DSML standard, any XML-based application will be able to leverage directory information expressed as XML. Specifically, DSML will allow these applications to utilize profile and resource information from directories in their native environment, by providing the standard schema for representing this meta-data in XML documents. Such documents can then be used by applications or transmitted via the Internet to other DSML-enabled applications. This effectively extends LDAP across firewalls and to any Internet transport protocol – a major benefit to all inter-company efforts. In order to ensure that DSML moves forward in an orderly fashion, we suggest the following project plan of targets and expected participation level. We believe that naming metrics will both ease the process and align the expectations of all participants. Expected participation will include: Face-to-face meetings from time to time, including an initial meeting around the time of the OASIS meetings Paris this June, with a follow up in July during Catalyst in San Diego. The timing of these meetings is tentatively set for the weeks of June 11, 2000 and July 23, 2000 respectively. One to two conference calls per month. Targets for completing preliminary objectives for the TC are as follows: * Objective Target Date Call for Participation 4/27/00 * Draft of Statement of Purpose 5/22/00 * Completed Statement of Purpose 6/5/00 * Completed Meeting Schedule 6/5/00 * Initial Face to Face meeting Week of 6/11/00 – TBD * raft List of Deliverables Week of 6/11/00 – TBD * Completed List of Deliverables 7/3/00 * Second Face to Face meeting Week of 7/23/00 – TBD * Target Set for Completion of Version 2.0 Week of 7/23/00 – TBD James Tauber, Director of XML Technology at, will be the discussion leader for the group. We look forward to a lively and valuable dialog through OASIS. Best regards, Mox Weber Product Manager Bowstreet Software (603) 559-1900 x1577