Press Release

XML Community Rallies Behind XML.ORG Registry

Public Clearinghouse for XML Schemas and Vocabularies Takes Off

New York, NY; June 26, 2000–OASIS, the non-profit XML interoperability consortium, today announced it has received overwhelming community support for the first phase of its XML.ORG Registry , a public clearinghouse for XML industry schemas, specifications and vocabularies. In less than a week since the XML.ORG Registry began accepting submissions, industry groups and developers from around the world have registered to submit their XML schemas and vocabularies at the site. New content at the XML.ORG Registry will include XML schemas for industries as varied as e-commerce, human resources, petrochemicals, finance, mining, education and scientific research. “Response to our call for participation in the XML.ORG Registry has been tremendous,” said Laura Walker, executive director of OASIS. “The community clearly appreciates the need for an unbiased forum where developers and standards bodies can publicly submit, publish and exchange XML specifications-with no strings attached.” Jon Bosak, organizer of the working group that created XML and Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, explained the need for the XML.ORG Registry. “To effectively exchange information over the Internet, industries must agree on specific ways to use XML for their applications. New schemas, vocabularies, namespaces and stylesheets for XML are being developed at such a fast pace that overlap, duplication and confusion are concerns. By providing the community with a non-commercial resource for accessing these XML specifications, the XML.ORG Registry serves as an essential piece of the XML infrastructure.” Initial response to the XML.ORG Registry’s call for submissions has been global. Karl Best, director of technical operations for OASIS noted, “In the five days since we began accepting registrations, OASIS has had organizations and companies from Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, the Ukraine and the United States–all wanting to register as submitters. We are working now to validate their submissions and will soon be inviting users to access the XML.ORG Registry to find schemas for their particular needs.” The XML.ORG Registry was developed by Documentum and Sun Microsystems using software components from Documentum, the Sun-Netscape Alliance (iPlanet), and Oracle. Documentum 4i eBusiness Edition, the content management platform powering the registry application, drives the entire process from the submission of a schema to its availability for public access via Documentum Site Delivery Services. The application runs on the Oracle 8i(tm) database, while the serving of resources to users is achieved through the iPlanet Web Server from the Sun-Netscape Alliance. The implementation is deployed on hardware servers from Sun Microsystems. The XML.ORG Registry was made possible by the donation of resources from Documentum, Sun Microsystems, Oracle Corporation, IBM and DataChannel and demonstrates their commitment to providing the community with an open, independent resource for publicly available XML specifications. Funding for the XML.ORG Registry was provided by DataChannel, Documentum, Commerce One, GCA, IBM, Mercator Software, Oracle Corporation, SAP, SoftQuad and Sun Microsystems. About OASIS OASIS is the world’s largest independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the standardization of XML applications. OASIS engenders participation from across the industry, bringing together competitors and overlapping standards bodies. Through open discussion and debate, OASIS reconciles conflicting perspectives in order to create specifications that are representative of the industry as a whole. OASIS sponsors include Adobe Systems, Aerospatiale, AND-USA, Arbortext, BEA Systems, Bentley Systems, Boeing, Bowstreet, Bridge, BroadVision, Chrystal Software, Cohesia, Commerce One, CommerceNet, CompTIA, Corel, DataChannel, DMSi, Documentum, Dun & Bradstreet,, Enigma, eXcelon, Extricity Software, GCA, Health Level Seven, IBM, InformIT, Informix, InterCAP, Interwoven, ISOGEN, ITEDO, JetForm, Keyfile, Logistics Management Institute, Mercator Software, Microsoft, NextPage, NII Enterprise Promotion Association,, NIST, Object Management Group (OMG), Open Applications Group, Oracle Corporation, Pick Systems, POET Software, ProNet Technology Partners, Reed Technology, Reuters, Sabre, SAP, Sequoia Software, SoftQuad, Software AG, STEP, StreamServe, Sun Microsystems, Synthbank, Visa, Wavo, Webb Interactive Services, webMethods, Whitehill Technologies, Xerox, XMLSolutions and XyEnterprise. About XML.ORG XML.ORG is a vendor-neutral resource for advancing XML industry standardization. Sponsors of XML.ORG include DataChannel, Documentum, Commerce One, GCA, IBM, Mercator Software, Oracle Corporation, SAP, SoftQuad and Sun Microsystems. # # # Documentum is a trademark of Documentum, Inc. in the US and other countries. Sun, Sun Microsystems and the Sun logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Oracle is a registered trademark and Oracle8i is a trademark or registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. All other company and product names are used for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. For more information: Carol Geyer Media Relations Consultant OASIS +1 978.667.5115 x209