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ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement Ratified as OASIS Open Standard

New Version of OASIS UN/CEFACT Work Enables E-Business Collaboration

Boston, MA, USA; 2 December 2002 — The OASIS interoperability consortium today announced that its members have approved the ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement (CPPA) v2.0 as an OASIS Open Standard, a status that signifies the highest level of ratification. ebXML CPPA defines business partners’ technical capabilities and documents agreements between partners, enabling organizations to securely engage in electronic business collaboration. “While many vendors suggest specifications and lead standards initiatives, OASIS has provided enterprises of all sizes with a future-proofed, tested and technically proficient ‘standard.’ ebxml CPPA will foster global collaborative ebusiness growth by removing barriers to entry and eliminating the high cost and complexity of trading partner on-boarding. Valuable to any organization focused on adopting standards,” said Joanne Friedman, Vice President, META Group Inc. “ebXML CPPA ensures interoperability between two parties, even organizations that use software from different sources. The CPP defines a party’s message-exchange capabilities and the business collaborations that it supports. The CPA defines the way two business parties will interact in performing the chosen business collaborations,” explained Dale Moberg of Cyclone Commerce, chair of the OASIS ebXML CPPA Technical Committee. “The OASIS Open Standard also facilitates the migration of both traditional EDI-based applications and other legacy applications to ebXML-based platforms.” ebXML CPPA was developed by Commerce One, Cyclone Commerce, E2open, Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM, Intel, IONA, Mercator, SAP, SeeBeyond, Sterling Commerce, Sun Microsystems, Sybase, TIBCO, Vitria, webMethods, and other members of the OASIS ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement Technical Committee. “Ratification as an OASIS Open Standard means that developers can deploy ebXML CPPA with confidence,” said Karl Best, vice president of OASIS. “To attain this level of acceptance, ebXML CPPA first completed an extensive public review, was approved by the OASIS ebXML CPPA Technical Committee, and demonstrated its readiness through multiple implementations. Finally, ebXML CPPA was reviewed and approved by the OASIS membership as a whole. We congratulate and thank the members of the OASIS ebXML CPPA Technical Committee for all their outstanding efforts in advancing ebXML CPPA as the newest OASIS Open Standard.” In related news, the ebXML OASIS UN/CEFACT Joint Marketing Team published version 1.0 of the ebXML Adoption Update, a listing of ebXML implementations, projects, products, and industry initiatives from around the world. The ebXML Adoption Update is posted at Industry Support for ebXML CPPA “Negotiating partner agreements are critical for large scale deployment of open business connections. ebXML CPPA takes a significant step forward in simplifying and automating that process,” observed Dave Bennett, CTO of Cyclone Commerce. “Sterling Commerce has leveraged its long history in building electronic trading communities in contributing significantly to the development of the ebXML CPPA specification. This specification addresses a major issue with the rapid deployment of Internet B2B e-commerce–the absence of a standard definition of technical parameters for communication and security that business partners need to agree upon. Representing these configuration parameters in the standard format of the ebXML CPPA specification will greatly accelerate users’ integration processes. In addition to this immediate value, version 2.0 of the specification sets the stage for the standardized CPA negotiation process to come. Sterling Commerce remains committed to the ebXML CPPA development effort as it expands to address these even more difficult issues,” said Brian Gibb, Director of Standards and Applied Technology, Sterling Commerce. “SAP is excited to see the ebXML standards portfolio growing and evolving in the space of collaboration and trading partner agreements. ebXML CPPA 2.0 is a significant step forward and represents an important piece of work in the business applications domain,” said Sinisa Zimek, Director Technology Architecture & Standards from SAP. “Specifications like ebXML CPPA will eventually enrich the Web and enhance its potential of being the intrinsic place for doing electronic business in the future.” “We are pleased to have participated in the development of ebXML CPPA 2.0, and welcome its use as a standard to assist in the automated establishment of electronic business transactions,” said Alan Davies, Vice President of Standards and Product Strategy for SeeBeyond. “Sun Microsystems is very pleased to see that ebXML CPPA V2.0 has been approved as an OASIS standard. This will help further efforts to implement an approved specification into products so that the mission of ebXML to enable global business interoperatbility can be truly realized,” said Mark Herring, senior director of Sun™ ONE Java Web services and tools at Sun. “Sun believes in open and royalty free standards and this latest development with the Collaboration Partner Profile further underscores that philosophy.” “With version 2.0 of the ebXML CPPA, OASIS continues to provide the next generation of complex Web services, and Sybase has further enriched our end-to-end ebXML solution by fully incorporating support for ebXML CPPA in our Web Services Integrator product,” said Billy Ho, senior vice president and general manager, e-Business Division of Sybase. “We are seeing interest from the ebXML community and feel that this continues to demonstrate Sybase’s commitment to delivering open, standards based, vendor interoperable e-Business solutions.” “TIBCO is pleased to working with OASIS and supports making ebXML CPPA an open standard as we strongly believe that CPPA will simplify Global electronic business collaboration,” said TIBCO Software Director of Products and Solutions, Ramin Sayar. “TIBCO has a history of helping companies improve productivity through standards-based integration for its Global 2000 customers.” “ebXML CPPA is a very important component of the ebXML architecture as it acts as a technical agreement/configuration document format as well as providing a common vocabulary for partners to use when designing B2B processes,” stated Matthew MacKenzie, Chief Software Architect for XML Global Technologies. “XML Global has implemented CPPA version 2.0 and is using it within its ebXML Messaging and Registry products and will continue to support future iterations of the OASIS ebXML CPPA Technical Committee’s work.” About OASIS ( OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) is a not-for-profit, global consortium that drives the development, convergence, and adoption of e-business standards. Members themselves set the OASIS technical agenda, using a lightweight, open process expressly designed to promote industry consensus and unite disparate efforts. OASIS produces worldwide standards for security, Web services, XML conformance, business transactions, electronic publishing, topic maps and interoperability within and between marketplaces. OASIS has more than 600 corporate and individual members in 100 countries around the world. For more information: Carol Geyer Director of Communications OASIS ( +1.978.667.5115 x209