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Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) Transitions Standards Development to OASIS

International Standards Consortium Expands to Include Initiative for Integrating Software Lifecycle Tools

30 May 2013 – OASIS announced today that OSLC, a group committed to developing standards that enable software lifecycle tools to share data, has become the newest Member Section within the OASIS open standards consortium. The move will ensure OSLC specifications are developed under the internationally respected OASIS technical process, encourage broader participation in the work and result in wider adoption of the resulting standards.

As software development is increasingly driving business innovation and success, organizations need to be able to use tools from a variety of vendors interchangeably to quickly respond to client needs. OSLC is designed to make it easy and practical to integrate tools that support the creation and management of software. OSLC addresses integration scenarios for a growing number of domains, including change management, test management, requirements management, automation, and performance monitoring. The OSLC architecture eliminates some fundamental challenges and unnecessary barriers to software lifecycle data integration.

“OSLC is important for IT organizations faced with a mix of system environments and application models (Cloud, Mobile, Social, Big Data Analytics). It can help to deliver seamless transition and exchange of data, information and processes all of which will impact the change management processes and provide the capacity of more effective automation, communication and collaboration,” said Bola Rotibi, Research Director, Creative Intellect Consulting.

“This is an exciting milestone in the evolution of OSLC,” said John Wiegand, chair of the OSLC Steering Committee. “The specifications are maturing and support in the marketplace is growing. The timing is certainly right for advancing the work within the internationally recognized OASIS technical process.”

OASIS CEO, Laurent Liscia added, “We’re seeing tremendous uptake for OSLC. Twenty-two organizations have already committed to the work at OASIS, and we expect and welcome many more. OASIS resources will promote the adoption of OSLC standards on a global basis and enable a wide range of organizations to collaborate in a fair, reliable, and mutually beneficial way.”

Founding members of the OASIS OSLC Member Section include Accenture, EADS, Eclipse Foundation, Ericsson, Fujitsu, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Kovair, Mentor Graphics, National Instruments, Persistent Systems, Red Hat, Siemens, Sodius, Software AG, Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, Tasktop, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, and WS02.

Several OASIS OSLC Technical Committees are planned for launch over the coming months to work on existing and future specifications. The work is open to all, and new participants are welcome.

Support for OSLC

“Today’s software delivery teams, spanning the full lifecycle across development and operations,face more complex, multi-vendor, multi-platform software environments than ever before. OSLC makes it easier to operate in these environments and provides important capabilities for the emerging open cloud architecture. The move to OASIS is the next step in broadening participation and adoption, and as a founder of OSLC, IBM is very pleased to support the new Member Section.”
–Angel Diaz, VP of standards, IBM

Mentor Graphics
“Having followed the development of OSLC from the outset, Mentor Graphics is pleased to support the association with OASIS to continue robust development of the associated standards. Mentor Graphics has always been a strong supporter of standards, and we now apply OSLC, along with many other standards, in the development of our tools. OSLC enables tool integrations that bring the potential of a far higher level of productivity in today’s complex electronic system development environment.”
–Bill Chown, Marketing Director, System Level Engineering Division, Mentor Graphics

National Instruments
“As a leader in the test and measurement industry, National Instruments ensures that standards-based interoperability and connectivity are a key attribute of our platforms. We are pleased to support the inclusion and advancement of OSLC, and innovate on this open standard.”
–Tom Bradicich, PhD, Research and Development Fellow, National Instruments

Persistent Systems
“OSLC enables the industry to gain major business benefit by allowing resources to focus on high-value customizations while providing interoperability between various lifecycle tools. By customizing and integrating disparate tools using OSLC, Persistent Systems has enabled our clients to deliver more business value by improving traceability and transparency across organizations. The OASIS standardization process will help drive future OSLC integration standards to higher levels.”
–Michael Kerr, Senior VP, Persistent Systems

“For organizations deploying large-scale Agile and ALM tools, integration has become the #1 impediment to ROI and stakeholder satisfaction. The move of OSLC to OASIS represents a significant step forward in the evolution of REST standards for ALM, which will facilitate ALM tool interoperability and cross-repository linking, as well as helping grow the breadth of ALM integration solutions such as Tasktop Sync.”
–Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop

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