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OSLC Approves Five Open Source Specifications for Integrating Software Lifecycle Tools

IBM, Koneksys, KTH Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, Siemens AG Along with Others Deliver First Specifications Under OASIS Open Projects Program

Boston, MA, USA; 5 November 2020 – OASIS, the international standards and open source consortium, today announced that the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) Open Project has produced five new Project Specifications. OSLC defines a suite of standard APIs that connect data across domains, applications, and organizations for use in managing change and configuration in a complex systems development lifecycle. Today’s announcement represents the first approved project specifications produced under the OASIS Open Projects program. Approved specifications include:

● OSLC Core v3.0 defines the overall approach to Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration based specifications and capabilities that extend and complement the W3C Linked Data Platform.

● OSLC Change Management v3.0 defines a RESTful web services interface for the management of product change requests, activities, tasks and relationships between those and related resources such as requirements, test cases, or architectural resources.

● OSLC Quality Management v2.1 builds on the OSLC Core Specification to define the test plans, test cases, and test results of the software delivery lifecycle that should be supported by an OSLC Quality Management provider.

● OSLC Requirements Management v2.1 supports key RESTful web service interfaces for the management of Requirements, Requirements Collections and supporting resources defined in OSLC Core.

● OSLC Query v3.0 provides a mechanism for a client to search for RDF resources that match given criteria.

“Since becoming an OASIS Open Project in May 2019, the OSLC community has worked to pull together many diverse initiatives focused around application integration solutions,” said Jim Amsden of IBM, co-chair of the OSLC Open Project. “We’re increasing the types of work that can be contributed, and we’re doing it in a way that involves collaboration and partnership with an expanded group of organizations and individuals.”

“OSLC helps create standard REST APIs to connect systems in a uniform way and achieve the digital thread across domains, applications, and organizations,” said OSLC Open Project co-chair, Andrii Berezovskyi of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. “The five Project Specifications show the progress of the transition from a world of incompatible systems into a world of connected data. We’re proud to contribute to the ongoing development of OSLC standards.”

The companies involved in OSLC are IBM, Koneksys, KTH Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, and Siemens AG with support from Accenture, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Bank of America, Cisco Systems, Dassault Systemes, Ericsson, Fujitsu Limited, pure-systems GmbH, Red Hat, Software AG, and The Boeing Company.

Support for OSLC

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

“KTH is very pleased to have led and contributed to the release of the OSLC Quality Management specification. Congratulations to all the contributors of release v2.1. KTH continues to support the critical efforts of the OASIS OSLC Open Project to establish and maintain open standards for the interoperability of heterogeneous products and applications.”

— Andrii Berezovskyi, Jad El-Khoury, and Martin Törngren of KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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