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OSLC Change Management Version 3.0 OASIS Standard published

First OASIS Standard from the Open Projects program is released.

OASIS is pleased to announce the publication of its newest OASIS Standard, approved by the members on 26 May 2021:

OSLC Change Management Version 3.0
OASIS Standard
26 May 2021

This is the first specification from an OASIS Open Project approved as an OASIS Standard.

The Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) Open Project applies Linked Data principles, such as those defined in the W3C Linked Data Platform (LDP), to create a cohesive set of specifications that can enable products, services, and other distributed network resources to interoperate successfully.

Change Management v3.0 defines a RESTful web services interface for managing product change requests, activities, tasks and relationships as well as related resources such as requirements, test cases, or architectural resources.

The OSLC OP received 3 Statements of Use from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, SodiusWillert, and IBM.


The OASIS Standard and all related files are available here:

* Part 1: Specification



* Part 2: Vocabulary



* Part 3: Constraints



* Change Management Vocabulary definitions file:

* Change Management Resource Shape Constraints definitions file:

Distribution ZIP files

For your convenience, OASIS provides a complete package of the prose specification and related files in a ZIP distribution file. You can download the ZIP file here:

Our congratulations to the members of the OSLC Open Project on achieving this milestone.