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SAM Threshold Sharing Schemes V1.0 Approved as OASIS Standard

Cryptsoft, Dell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Others Advance Open Standard Enabling the Interoperability of Threshold Sharing Schemes

23 March 2022 — OASIS Open, the global open source and standards consortium, announced that its members have approved SAM Threshold Sharing Schemes Version 1.0 as an OASIS Standard, a status that signifies the highest level of ratification. Developed by the Security Algorithms & Methods (SAM) Technical Committee, SAM Threshold Sharing Scheme V1.0 is intended for developers and architects designing systems and applications that utilize threshold sharing schemes in an interoperable manner.

“SAM Threshold Sharing Schemes V1.0 aids in the interoperability of applications implementing cryptographic capabilities in support of OASIS and other standards and specifications,” said Tim Chevalier of NetApp, co-chair of the OASIS SAM Technical Committee. “Many organizations are unable to conform with a range of specifications that deal with cryptographic algorithms or methods because those algorithms and methods are not documented in a manner that is able to be referenced.” 

“The primary goal of OASIS SAM Threshold Sharing Scheme is to provide a standardized set of algorithms, mechanisms, and methods that can be used in an interoperable way to recover secret data in a secure way, this should be immediately available to other OASIS Technical Committees and recognized standards bodies,” said OASIS SAM co-chair, Greg Scott of Cryptsoft. 

Participation in the OASIS SAM Technical Committee is open to all companies, nonprofit groups, governments, academic institutions, and individuals through membership in OASIS. As with all OASIS projects, archives of the Committee’s work are accessible to both members and non-members alike. OASIS also hosts an open mailing list for public comment.

Support for SAM Threshold Sharing Schemes V1.0


“Cryptsoft is pleased to be a key participant in the SAM TC. Threshold Sharing Schemes (TSS) are widely used but have typically been non-interoperable between vendors and usage domains. Interoperable TSS allows for disaster recovery and cryptographic multi-party authorization systems to be cross-vendor. This advance will allow for greater security and recoverability of secure data for a wide range of systems used in today’s modern organizations.”

 – Tim Hudson, CTO, Cryptsoft

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