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OASIS Approves OSLC PROMCODE Standard for Exchanging Project Management Information Across Organizational Boundaries

Fujitsu, IBM, NEC, and Others Define Common Interface for Systematic Sharing of Software Lifecycle Project Management Information

11 April 2022 — OASIS Open, the global open source and standards consortium, announced that its members have approved OSLC PROMCODE Version 1.0 as an OASIS Standard, a status that signifies the highest level of ratification. Developed by the OSLC Lifecycle Integration for Project Management of Contracted Delivery Technical Committee, OSLC PROMCODE is designed to address the need for systematic sharing of project management information within and between organizations.

Global software delivery is commonplace today. With ever increasing pressure, such as faster delivery, competitive cost, and skill availability, it is becoming common for software delivery to be done by collaboration of multiple organizations forming a chain of carriers and suppliers. Resembling the traditional manufacturing industry supply chain, this trend of software delivery is often called a Software Supply Chain (SSC). The SSC is a new paradigm of software delivery, where carriers and suppliers work together.

“Effective collaboration between a Software Supply Chain acquirer and supplier requires activities to be managed and information to be shared across organizational boundaries. As the number of organizations involved in software delivery increases, the need for more systematic and standards-based information sharing and coordination becomes critical,” said Tsutomu Kamimura, chair of the OSLC PROMCODE Technical Committee. “OSLC PROMCODE enables customers and vendors to manage project-management data via a standard interface across organizations and lowers the risk of project delays and cost overruns.”

Participation in the OASIS OSLC PROMCODE Technical Committee is open to all companies, nonprofit groups, governments, academic institutions, and individuals through membership in OASIS. As with all OASIS projects, archives of the Committee’s work are accessible to both members and non-members alike. OASIS also hosts an open mailing list for public comment.

Support for OSLC PROMCODE V1.0


“IBM is pleased to be a key contributor in the OSLC PROMCODE TC. The specification expands the existing OSLC standard so that we can realize more seamless communication between systems among organizations. Congratulations to all the contributors of the release.”

– Masaki Wakao, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM


“NEC is pleased to have contributed to the release of the OSLC PROMCODE specification. Cooperation between software vendors is essential for large scale projects. We hope that PROMCODE, which realizes the alignment among software vendors via exchange of management data, will be the basis of smooth communication.”

– Shigenori Kobayashi, Director, Software and System Engineering Department, NEC

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