Open Standards: The Building Blocks of Open Innovation

By Francis Beland, Executive Director, OASIS Open

Open standards are the building blocks of open innovation by providing a common foundation for innovation and collaboration. Open standards ensure interoperability and compatibility between different systems, enabling the development of new products and services to be integrated into existing infrastructure and ecosystems. This can help to drive innovation by making it easier for new solutions to be developed and adopted and by enabling the creation of new markets and opportunities.

Open standards can also help to reduce the barriers to entry for new and innovative companies, making it easier for them to enter and participate in existing markets. By providing a level playing field for innovation and competition, open standards can help to foster a more diverse and competitive marketplace, enabling the development of new and innovative solutions that meet the needs of different stakeholders.

open standards harnessing the power of the crowd

In addition, open standards can help encourage collaboration between different companies, organizations, and communities. Multiple organizations’ collective knowledge, expertise, and resources to solve complex problems and drive innovation.

Overall, open standards are the foundation of disruptive open innovation programs by enabling interoperability, reducing barriers to entry, fostering collaboration, and encouraging the development of new and innovative solutions.