CGM Open Agreement

Term of agreement: Recommend that the agreement be for two years minimum, not the 12 months outlined in the agreement.

OASIS will support one at large seat for CGM Open on its Board of Directors until such time as the funds transfer is complete. However, OASIS does not support the at large seat indefinitely, as is currently outlined in the agreement. Rather, OASIS recommends that CGM Open nominate for election one of its members.

The agreement currently states that disputes would be resolved in the state of MD. OASIS recommends that it should be PA or DE, in which either of the 2 organizations are currently incorporated.

6(d) This clause should be changed to more closely reflect the original proposal Appendix A:
"general cross-technology activities, as well as for infrastructure and overhead costs."

Robin Cover Sponsorships
Begin marketing for renewal of sponsorships. A useful tool for this would be a site analysis report (# hits, etc.)
Sun contact: Jonathan Fox

Extending Norbert's Term/Filling the 8th Board position with a 12-month assignment Discussion of whether to extend Norbert's term, thereby bringing it to the membership for vote. Or to simply have Norbert run for re-election.

Possibility of appointing CGM Open representative in this 12-month assignment. Since the Board had voted to extend the term during its last meeting (see minutes), so the matter will be sent for vote to the membership.

ACTION: LW to draft an email with a proposal for extending the CTO term; send to Board for approval; then send out to membership for vote. Sentiment as follows: "board wants to take positions to 8 as allowed by the bylaws. we also want to have 4 positions turn over at each election. make the board more effective, better represent the organization." Make sure ballots go to voting representatives of member organizations.

GCA IT Steering Committee meeting @ XTech - follow-up (Carla) The general consensus of those who spoke with IT Steering committee members was that the feedback was positive. Carla will revise proposal and submit to Board for review.

Outputs from committee meetings at XTech

  • Spring workshop marketing track
  • OASIS IT infrastructure
  • Outputs from Technical track
  • Proposal for meeting of DTD and XML industry specifications group (as discussed at Marketing track)

Follow up with prospects from XTech will be discuss via email

Summer Workshop - date confirmation
Wed-Thurs-Fri (11-13 August) or Thurs-Fri-Sat (12-14 August)

Robin Cover increase
The Board approved a salary increase for Robin Cover.

XML Power Tools CD-ROM
OK for Architag to send notice of opportunity to members, as long as they pay their membership dues!

Appear to be source for DTDs in ERP space. Move to next call's agenda, to allow for research on OAG and for Jon and Norbert to participate in conversation.

Voting moved to email.