The following are notes taken at the 15 May 2000 OASIS Board of Directors Meeting (a conference call).

Present: Jon Parsons, Eric Garcia, Bill Smith, Lofton Henderson, Laura Walker

Absent: Norbert Mikula, Simon Nicholson, Bob Sutor, Alan Hester


- Review of infrastructure, mail lists, etc. - Laura

Critical mailing list problems have been resolved (thanks to Norm Walsh) and Karl is in the process of finalizing a recommendation for a new hosting service.

- Update on recruitment of Operations Director - Laura

Karl is on board, up to speed, and doing much good work on our infrastructure.

- Update on 16th May CompTia "Convergence" Meeting - Bill/Simon/Laura

Agenda for meeting was discussed. Bill will attend, representing OASIS and the Executive Committee of ebXML.

- Review of European Operations - Laura

Will provide report later this week.

- Update on AXCO - Laura

Regrep development underway; in testing now. Launch planned for mid-June. Critical need to coordinate development of portal UI (done by OASIS contract) and regrep UI (done by regrep development team). Due in part to Craig's departure, Karl will get more involved in coordinating the 2 efforts.

- Next Meeting

Next BoD F2F scheduled for Wed 7 June. Jon Parsons cannot attend, and ask that the Board consider changing the dates.