Wednesday, 19 October 2001




Colin Evans

Director and Board Chair

Norbert Mikula

Director and Board Vice-Chair

Patrick Gannon

Director and interim President/CEO

Jim Hughes

Director and Secretary/Treasurer

Una Kearns


Christopher Kurt


Simon Nicholson


Michael Weiner



Others Present

Lofton Henderson

CGM Open

Karl Best

OASIS Director of Technical Operations

1. Opening and Agenda Approval. Colin Evans called the meeting to order at 8:10 am.

The following agenda was approved:

  1. Review and Approve minutes of previous meetings - Jim Hughes
  2. Review September Finance Report & Cash Flow Forecast - Patrick Gannon
  3. Agree plan to decide between available strategic options - Colin Evans
  4. Update from ebXML Advisory Committee - Patrick & Simon
  5. Update on 3rd Step of OASIS Standards Process - Karl Best

2. Previous Minutes, Action Items, Secretary Comments. Previous minutes were approved:

Resolution 011019-01. Resolved unanimously: That the Minutes of the 20 September, 25 September and 3 October 2001 Board meetings are approved.

An open Action Item list was distributed in prior minutes and is summarized below. As the focus for this meeting is the September financial report and cash flow projections, these action items are carried forward to the next meeting.

  1. AI 010809-01 - IPR Discussion - sending specs to other bodies [TAC].
  2. AI 010823-02 - Schedule PAC topic for F2F - tabled from F2F meeting.
  3. AI 010830-01 - ebXML AC Report to Board - charter discussion.
  4. AI 010920-01 - Administaff process for hiring [Patrick].
  5. AI 010920-02 - Open legal items [Exec Committee].
  6. AI 010920-03 - AGM Plans [TAC, Karl, Carol].
  7. AI 010920-04 - OASIS work with other tech bodies [Karl].
  8. AI 010925-01 - TAC Charter to board for (re)approval [Una].
  9. AI 010925-02 - "guidance" committee rewrite [TAC].
  10. AI 010925-03 - complete Mission Statement rewrite [Strategy].
  11. AI 010925-04 - marketing recommendations [Simon, Colin, Carol].
  12. AI 010925-05 - GCA Report [Patrick].

3. Presentation and Discussion of September Financial Report. Patrick presented the financial report that was sent to the Board a few hours before the meeting:

  • Expenses (76%) were a higher percentage of the original budget than income (66%) in August; for the Year-to-Date, expenses were at 88% of budget and income was at 85%. Net Income for the year is still projected to be consistent with the original budget.
  • A list of detailed actions taken in the past month to reduce or eliminate cash expenditures across a number of categories was presented.
  • The projection in TC growth, based on anticipated new TCs being formed, was discussed along with expectations in revenue growth.
  • The board had a detailed discussion of revenue and cash flow forecasts, along with analysis of contributions made by each of the OASIS business units.

4. Closing. With no time remaining for further items, the Chair closed the meeting at 10:00 am. The next meeting will be a teleconference at 10:00-1:00 PDT on 31 October, and the following meeting will be a teleconference at 11:00-1:00 PST on 15 November.

Jim Hughes