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IPR Transition Approval Ballot for TAX XML TC

Shall the OASIS TAX XML TC make a transition, pursuant to the OASIS IPR Transition Policy, to apply the current (2005) OASIS IPR Policy to its operations, and adopt the "RF on Limited Terms" IPR mode?

 [ ]  Yes
 [ ]  No
 [ ]  Abstain
Opening:   Tuesday, 2 January 2007 @ 06:00 pm EST
Closing:   Tuesday, 16 January 2007 @ 11:45 pm EST
Group:   OASIS organizational voting
Ballot has closed.

Voting Details

Voting Summary

Options with highest number of votes are bold

Option # Votes % of Total
Yes 6 100%
No 0 0%
Abstain 0
Eligible members who have voted: 6 of 12 50%
Eligible members who have abstained: 0 of 12 0%
Eligible members who have not voted: 6 of 12 50%

Voting Details

Voter Company VoteReference Document and/or Comment
Darren Menachemson
Australian Taxation Office
leslie-ann scott
Canada Revenue Agency
Alexander Salomon
Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany
Sylvia Webb
Doraiswamy ('Raj') Rajagopal
Mitre Corporation
Harm-Jan van Burg
Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration
Jim Scully
New Zealand Inland Revenue
Mike Willis
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP:
Andy Greener
UK H.M. Revenue & Customs
Susan Smoter
US IRS, Internet Development Service
John Glaubitz
Vertex, Inc.
Andrew Webber
World Wide Webbers, Inc.