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Appoint B.Hanssens as OIC TC - IDABC ODEF liaison

- IDABC is a programme managed by the European Commission.

- ODEF is a project within IDABC, focusing on the exchange of administrative documents in (and the conversion of legacy docs to) open formats like - but not restricted to - ODF, especially within the EC and in communication from/to Member States

The project has been (re)launched recently, and sharing ideas and results on ODF interoperability could be useful both for the OIC TC and ODEF.

Since Bart Hanssens is already automatically invited to the IDABC ODEF meetings as Member State expert for Belgium, the question is:

"Can Bart Hanssens act as the OIC TC liasion to the IDABC ODEF ?"

 [ ]  Yes
 [ ]  No
 [ ]  Abstain
Opening:   Wednesday, 20 May 2009 @ 12:00 pm CEST
Closing:   Monday, 1 June 2009 @ 11:45 pm CEST
Group:   OASIS Open Document Format Interoperability and Conformance (OIC) TC
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Yes 8 100%
No 0 0%
Abstain 0
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Eligible members who have not voted: 2 of 10 20%