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DCML: Interface Subgroup Objectives

Please provide your approval of the following interface subgroup objectives:

The interface subgroup is tasked with defining the interfaces, protocols, and/or data models and formats required to implement the processes and requirements defined by the process subgroup. The process subgroup defines use cases that (we anticipate) require data to be exchanged among a set of management entities.
The interface subgroup defines the mechanisms by which the data is represented and transferred (the DCML specification).

As part of our effort to reach out to the community and to validate our work, the interface subgroup will encourage and facilitate the creation of one or more freely available open source prototype implementations of a DCML-based solution to the ITIL configuration management problem as described by the process subgroup.
The goals of these implementations are to provide:

- a concrete example that furthers people's understanding
of DCML, how it relates to CIM and other related
standards, and the problems that it is meant to solve;

- example code that will encourage vendors to create
their own implementations in products;

- a proving ground for changes to our use cases, the
technical definition of DCML itself, and the relationship
between DCML and other standards;

- assurances that the DCML specification is complete
and robust enough to be independently implemented.

Our deliverables include

- Technical specification(s)

- Technical comparisons to related standards (e.g., CIM)

- Technical requirements document

- Implementation guidelines

 [ ]  Yes
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Opening:   Tuesday, 8 November 2005 @ 10:30 am PST
Closing:   Friday, 18 November 2005 @ 10:30 am PST
Group:   OASIS DCML Framework TC
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Zulah Eckert
BEA Systems, Inc.
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Computer Associates
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Sarah Barbuscia
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Tim Howes
Opsware Inc.
Robin Basham
Phoenix Business & Systems Process, Inc.