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DCML: Process Subgroup Objectives

Please provide your approval for the following:

The Process subgroup is tasked with defining the standard processes, interdependencies, and requirements for the Interfaces/Implementation Subgroup to use to create DCML standard implementations and reference models. This include the definition of inputs and outputs, best practice workflows and process flows, and inter-process dependencies from one targeted process framework to another. The initial work of the Process Subgroup will center around the interactions and interdependencies of the Configuration Management Process, its workflows, and orchestration of domain-based management within the IT Services lifecycle. The output of this work effort will be the specifications, requirements, process diagrams, and process flows used by the Interfaces group to codify the standard interfaces of the CfM Process and its interactions, inputs and outputs, as well as reference implementation of a multi-layered CfM process within a working model.

Future prospective processes to be defined and mapped include:

The Processes of the ITIL Process Framework (Change, Release, Incident, Problem, etc.)

Service-Oriented Processes

Business Processes

Outputs from the mapping and modeling work by the Process subgroup will include:

- Process diagrams and models outlining each process to be implemented by the Implementation/Interfaces subgroup

- Use cases to accompany process models and diagrams, as well as prescriptive relevance to industry usage

- Specifications on interrelationships for a process to other processes

- Other interfaces and dependencies on non-process oriented artifacts, if any, to accompany process outputs

- Detailed description and definition of process to be mapped/modeled

- Detailed project plan with milestones and dates

- User Guides and Documentation

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Opening:   Tuesday, 6 December 2005 @ 01:00 pm PST
Closing:   Friday, 16 December 2005 @ 01:00 pm PST
Group:   OASIS DCML Framework TC
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Sarah Barbuscia
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Tim Howes
Opsware Inc.
Robin Basham
Phoenix Business & Systems Process, Inc.