OASIS Technical Committee Process

OASIS TC Process Change Summary - 2003

These are the changes made to the September 2002 version of the OASIS TC Process; these changes were approved by the OASIS Board of Directors on 27 August 2003. (This document is non-normative.)

Section 1


Added definitions for TC Charter, TC Member, TC Participant, TC Convener; and removed the unused definitions for Liaison Subcommittee and Calendar Year. Rewrote definition for Joint Committee. Renamed Committee Specification to Committee Draft.

Section 2

TC Formation

Only the information required in the proposal may be included. The proposal is split into two sections, a normative charter and non-normative information required to start the TC.

The charter includes the OASIS TC name, statement of purpose, scope, deliverables, audience, and language of conduct. The scope may include a contribution of existing work, but not to the exclusion of other contributions.

The informational section includes identification of related work, list of contributions, meeting schedule, names of proposers, and a convener and nominee willing to serve as chair.

First meeting

People who register for the first meeting but who fail to attend must re-register to start their probationary period.

The OASIS Primary Representative of a person's company is notified when the person joins a TC.

The TC chair is elected at the first meeting.

TC Membership

The OASIS Primary Representative of a person's company is notified when the person joins a TC.

During the probationary period the prospective member must follow the same attendance requirements as a member.

TC Participation (new section)

A "participant" is an eligible person who is not a TC member but is allowed to participate in TC discussions.

Termination of Membership

Members must be present during roll call. Members must return two out of three ballots (rather than 80%). The chair must notify the TC of resignations.

Leaves of Absence

Leaves of Absence are per twelve month period rather than per calendar year.

TC Chair

The TC must have a chair and cannot conduct business in the absence of a chair. The TC may have up to two co-chairs.

TC Visibility

The TC will have a means to collect public comments rather than a public comment list. All communications of the TC must take place on the OASIS-provided list.

TC Procedure

The TC may adopt standing rules, which must be communicated to the OASIS TC Admin, and may not relate to IPR.

TC Charter Clarification

The TC may clarify its charter only for removal of ambiguity and narrowing of scope. Deliverables may be added if they conform to the topic of scope. Change of charter requires 2/3 vote, and must be communicated to the OASIS TC Admin.

TC Voting

Electronic ballots must be open for a minimum of seven days. A majority of members must cast ballots, and the decision is determined by the majority of ballots cast.

Motions may be made electronically if the TC adopts a standing rule to do so.

TC Subcommittees (new section)

The TC may form subcommittees, each of which must have a stated purpose and deliverables. Subcommittee deliverables may be made only to the parent TC.

Closing a TC (new section)

The OASIS TC Admin may close a TC that is inactive or has completed its work.

TC Coordination

This section has been rewritten to clarify membership and participation in the JC. TCs, not individuals, are members of a JC. TCs may join a JC after it is formed.


Members may appeal the actions of the OASIS TC Admin to the OASIS Board.

Section 3

Approval of Committee Draft

Committee Specifications have been renamed Committee Drafts. The OASIS TC Admin must be notified of any vote to approve a Committee Draft. The Committee Draft must use OASIS-approved templates.

Approval of an OASIS Standard

If substantive changes are made after the specification is submitted for public review then another review must be conducted.

The submission for consideration as an OASIS Standard must include a statement of related work, and an account of the voting to approve as a Committee Draft. Pointers to any minority reports should also be included.

On 18 September 2003 the Board further revised the TC Process to change the number of votes required to approve or reject a proposed OASIS Standard to 15%.

Section 4

The OASIS TC Admin must notify the OASIS Board when TC proposals are received.