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Title ebxmlbp-v2.0.1-Document-cd-ChangeLog-en.pdf
Name * ebxmlbp-v2.0.1-Document-cd-ChangeLog-en.pdf (33K)
Description ebBP v2.0.1 Committee Draft
Change Log
4 August 2005

Includes references for:
1. v2.0.1 packages (cd)
2. v2.0.1 packages (wd r01-07)
3. v2.0 packages (cd)
4. Ballot vote text for v2.0.1 Committee Draft and Public Review promotion (2 ballots)
Group OASIS ebXML Business Process TC
Folder v2.0.1 Committee Draft
Submitter Ms Monica Martin
Date Submitted Thursday, 04 August 2005 05:20pm
Document State Draft (A preliminary unapproved sketch, outline, or version.)
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