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Title SKSML DRAFT version 3
Name * SKSML DRAFT version 3 (40K)
Description ZIP file is the third DRAFT iteration of the SKSML protocol.
Group EKMI Symmetric Key Services Markup Language (SKSML) SC
Folder Standards
Submitter Arshad Noor
Date Submitted Tuesday, 05 February 2008 06:04pm
Document State Draft (A preliminary unapproved sketch, outline, or version.)
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Changes in 3.0:

01) KeyUsePolicy to modified to include a "KeyClass" element to define a
user-defined value that identifies the key as belonging to a specific

02) SymkeyRequest is modified to include an optional element to request
symmetric keys of one or more classes. A request message can now ask
for multiple keys of different classes within a single request called
"KeyClasses". Within the KeyClasses element is a list of "KeyClass"
elements, each corresponding to some user-defined value known to the
SKS server. In earlier versions of the protocol, only a single key
could be requested and KeyClass could not be defined.

03) SymkeyResponse is modified to allow the SKS server to return multiple
symmetric keys within a single response, each belonging to a specific
requested KeyClass. The SymkeyResponse may consist of two types of
elements - a Symkey or a SymkeyError. There may be multiple instances
of Symkey and SymkeyError within a SymkeyResponse.
Arshad Noor