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Title A sample CPFR(r) process modeled in ebBP
Name * A sample CPFR(r) process modeled in ebBP (38K)
Description Dear Colleagues,

within the scope of iSURF (ICT-213031), we have expressed CPFR® definitions in machine processable language, namely, in OASIS ebXML Business Process specification language. One of the aims of iSURF project is to create a Service Oriented Supply Chain Collaboration environment to coordinate collaborative planning process. To enable this, we decided to create the building blocks of collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment process as machine processable binary collaboration definitions as ebBP Business Transactions. Then through the collaborative planning process design tool, the SME’s are enabled to create their n-tier planning process definition in terms of these predefined binary collaborations, and the machine processable planning process definition are produced as an ebBP process definition.

Enclosed please a sample ebBP CPFR® definition.

Please note that:

"CPFR(r) is a registered trademark of the Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions (VICS) association. The term "CPFR(r)" is not be used in any format without written permission from VICS. For more information on VICS and CPFR(r), visit www.vics.org"

I thought it might be good to inform OASIS ebBP community about this activity. I am at your disposal for any further information that you might need.

Asuman Dogac
Group OASIS ebXML Business Process TC
Folder Processes
Submitter Ms. Asuman Dogac
Date Submitted Wednesday, 09 September 2009 03:09am
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