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Title SitRep Structural Diagram
Name * SitRep Structural Diagram (1MB)
Description All,
Please download and take a look at this and its accompanying artifact in preparation for our Tuesday 1:00 SitRep meeting.
These two artifacts are the result of my analysis working through the new SitRep Structure including a “Root” Element containing one or many “Report Types”. For the present time I assumed the “Basic SitRep” is a Report Type in order to facilitate / test this assumption vs. manifesting it as an independent message.
I started with the original requirements / EA model and walked through Don’s xml making notes. The focus was simply to “bucketize” and account for all required elements as a draft to facilitate walk-through and decisions by the entire group.
My suggestion is to walk this information at a very high level initially and AVOID detailed debates about each element. Once we arrange things, and then dive down into detailed definitions and decisions. This should hopefully provide a better understanding of requirements, and set the foundation for questioning and clarification of specific elements.
•Make basic determinations of element arrangement for further analysis
•Define root elements as Required vs. Optional.
•Define “Basic SitRep” elements as Required vs. Optional (assuming Basic SitRep is structured under the root as another Report Type).
•Perform basic analysis and “testing” to determine whether the Basic SitRep is separate or integrated within the root as a Report Type. Will the combo of required root elements and basic SitRep elements meet the original intent of a Basic SitRep in terms of size and speed??
•Determine remaining Report Types elements Required and Optional (start with Requirements)
Group EM Messages and Notification SC
Folder Situation Reporting (SitRep)
Submitter Tim Grapes
Date Submitted Monday, 12 April 2010 05:43pm
Document State Draft (A preliminary unapproved sketch, outline, or version.)
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