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Title 02269: 2012-08-01 teleconference participation
Name * 02269: 2012-08-01 teleconference participation (30K)
Description Folks, I apologize for not bringing this up during our last call, but then we didn't exactly have a normal call two weeks ago as the only two business items were not ready for discussion. Your chair person has a conflict this Wednesday, as I've been invited to speak at a local DITA forum. I'll be speaking during the exact time slot where we normally have our teleconference. Therefore, I won't be able to chair and host the session. If someone else would like to volunteer to host / chair the session, that would be great. Otherwise we'll have to cancel this session. Please give me your input via the three possible answers / comments below. Thanks, Bob
Group DITA Semiconductor Information Design SC
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Submitter Bob Beims
Date Submitted Tuesday, 07 August 2012 03:02pm
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