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Title WD07 - HAVE 2.0
Name * WD07 - HAVE 2.0 (12K)
Description CHANGED file name to be in line with other EDXL standards, including calling the main standard HAVE 2.0 (was 2.1 for some unknown historical reason).

Created sub-schema concept for storing URI based lists, including multi-language support.

Started modifications to use DefaultTypes with pre-assigned enums for ColourCode and StaffingCode lookups.

Made many structural changes to remove "deadwood".

Lots to review tonight. I need some help understanding a schema issue too - The new DefaultTypes as I get a schema validation error that also shows in TEP for the default types:
[Xerces] src-resolve: Cannot resolve the name 'ct:ColourCodeDefaultType' to a(n) 'type definition' component.
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Submitter Mr. Darrell O'Donnell
Date Submitted Tuesday, 05 February 2013 05:57am
Document State Draft (A preliminary unapproved sketch, outline, or version.)
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