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Title Draft-02-20-14-Minutes-RIM-Subcommittee
Name * Draft-02-20-14-Minutes-RIM-Subcommittee (53K)
Description At the Feb 20, 2014 meeting of the Reference Information Model Subcommittee, the members discussed the following topics:

1.TOPIC: NIEM Adapters – Is there an easy way to reuse external standards like EDXL CAP 1.2 in the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)? Answer – Yes. Lizzie presented slides describing the NIEM Adapter, which is a simple and flexible mechanism for integrating external standards into NIEM. Rex and Jeff will follow the example provided by Lizzie to create NIEM 1.2 and DE 2.0 adapters to discuss at the next RIM meeting.

2. TOPIC: EDXL Role-Playing Game – Is there interest in developing a role-playing “game” that would educate and train people on the importance and use of the EDXL standards? Answer: Yes. Rex described the ongoing discussions with NCOIC and other partners interested in pursuing this opportunity. Selection of an appropriate game engine is a key next step. Brian will consult with Mitre’s game engine experts and provide any information or recommendations gleaned from their experience.

3. TOPIC: EDXL in Smart Devices White Paper – What are the next steps for developing a white paper describing the importance and benefits of the entire family of EDXL standards to the everyday person impacted by an emergency? Answer: Rex explained that the Adoption and Best Practices group is ready to assist with this effort. Jeff recommitted to providing an initial draft by next meeting which could jumpstart this work.

4. TOPIC: Reference Information Model Next Steps – What should be our next steps for advancing our Reference Information Model? Answer: Rex suggested the OASIS SOA Reference Model could be a guide and a free mind-map tool might be appropriate to get started. Jeff had previously mentioned the HL7 RIM as an example. Before our next meeting, everyone should consider these examples as needed and be prepared at our next meeting to share any insights or recommendations on tools or approaches.
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Submitter Jeff Waters
Date Submitted Thursday, 20 February 2014 11:38am
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