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Title OpenDocument-v1.3-csprd02-part4-formula
Name * OpenDocument-v1.3-csprd02-part4-formula (1MB)
Description Part 4 with the following changes:

The text 'Criterion', second line after ' Procedure F' needs to be style 'Heading 3'. ### Done.

Some formulas have yellow background, but they should have no color: ### reset transparency to 100% Not sure why colored background in any event.
6.5.1 General, 6.5.4 MMULT, 6.5.6 TRANSPOSE,

In AMORLINC: 'When period = 0' should be 'When Period = 0' with 'Period' having character style 'Parameter Name'. There seem to be two superfluous line breaks around 'the depreciation = Cost - Salvage - accumulated-depreciation'. In DB: 'where Period â LIfeTime' There is a typo in LIfeTime and it needs the character style 'Parameter Name'. ### Done

In GAMMADIST: The formulas have an erroneous '%'. ### Done

2.3 Evaluators -> 2.3 Evaluator Conformance
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Folder 1.3 Drafts
Submitter Patrick Durusau
Date Submitted Monday, 28 October 2019 03:41pm
Document State Draft (A preliminary unapproved sketch, outline, or version.)
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