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Title 03470: Resolve Issue #59: networking device: document speed, duplex (re-starting ballot)
Name * 03470: Resolve Issue #59: networking device: document speed, duplex (re-starting ballot) (13K)
Description Please vote Yes if you agree with all of the following. If you disagree, please vote No. If you don't have an opinion, please vote Abstain. I move that: The TC agrees to resolve the following specification issue: Issue #59: networking device: document speed, duplex -------------------------------------- Linux uses VIRTIO_NET_F_SPEED_DUPLEX, enabling speed and duplex config fields. Document these. v3 of the patch proposed for inclusion: note: previously withdrawn ballot included link to v1 of the patch by mistake. thanks for stefanha for noticing and reporting this! -------------------------------------- The TC accepts the following proposed changes to the specification: -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- The TC agrees to include the above change(s) in specification version(s) "virtio-v1.2-cs01", and future versions of the specification. -------------------------------------- Reminder: A Voting Member must be active in a TC to maintain voting rights. As the Virtio TC has adopted a standing rule to conduct business only by electronic ballot, without Meetings, a Voting Member who fails to cast a ballot in two consecutive Work Product Ballots loses his or her voting rights at the close of the second ballot missed. --------------------------------------
Group OASIS Virtual I/O Device (VIRTIO) TC
Folder System Ballot Results
Submitter Mr. Michael S. Tsirkin
Date Submitted Thursday, 30 January 2020 12:10pm
Document State Draft (A preliminary unapproved sketch, outline, or version.)
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