OASIS Provisioning Services Technical Committee (PSTC)
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10:00 am CDT


Dial-in Number: (866) 545-5223/ (865)673-9887 (Outside of the United States/Canada) 
Conference ID: 5272389


1 Hour


Darran Rolls

Recording Secretary

Darran  Rolls  (Acting)


As published at [1]




Darran Rolls, Sun Micro


Gary Cole, Sun Micro


Hal Lockhard, BEA


Martin Raepple, SAP


Jeff Bohren, OpenNetworks


Gavenraj Sodhi, CA


Doron Cohen , BMC


Rami Elron, BMC


Other Business

(JB) Discuss search on references

- Outlined the proposal - searching on capabiliy specific data - not justs references.  Add limited set of booleans that take as arguments the capabiliyt data. 

- GC need time to to think about this.  JeffB will send examples to lists - tabled for next week

(DR) Update on HRXL

- DR gave update. Prez draft ready for prez next week in NY. Send to list when done.

(DR) Chair

- DR announced need to resign from chair due to move to new (non OASIS member) company. Will send formal note to list.


Business In Order of Posted Agenda

1 - Accept Meeting Minutes From 3/29/2005


2 - Review V2 Outstanding Issues List (4/4 draft)

- Review from [1] - top level issues list
- GC ran through changed to issues list
- RA suggested adding extra verbs for all request  rather than using the SPMLResponse (default) for some. 
- AI for GC to check these are instance of SPMLResponseType. 
|- JB This type of behavior is generally not in the schema, defined in the WSDL. 
- RA, Need to think a little more about reference relationships, have left a little too much openness - may need some typing for ref relationship types "owns" "ownedBy" etc, maybe enumerate a small list and allow extensions
- General discussion and informal conclusion to stay with default model

3 - Review Core Spec (4/4 draft)

- Outstanding issues relative to this draft [2]
- None. Everyone go read.

4 - F2F

- Discussed Jeff's proposal for location
- GB, F2F interop might be the best way forward.  No feedback yet.
- DC could we use HRXML for this. General feeling that yes maybe, but lets not introduce any dependencies
- Conclusion, lets wait and see how things go towards CS status (for now)

6 - Motion to Adjourn

- To reconvene 4/12/2005

[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/provision/email/archives/200504/msg00003.html
[2] http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/provision/download.php/12115/draft_pstc_spmlv2.doc