FPSC Agenda 20030417 - 17:00UTC (13:00EDT/10:00PDT)

G. Ken Holman

$Date: 2003/04/18 00:05:09 $(UTC)

Table of Contents

1. Roll call and quorum
2. Agenda
3. Minutes of the last meeting
4. Membership
5. Web site
6. Reports of standing committees
7. Outstanding action items
8. Agenda items
9. Action items
10. Future meetings
11. Adjournment

Chapter 1.  Roll call and quorum

At this time we have, technically, only three voting members (Sue, Gunther and Ken) due to the minimum time requirements for prospective members to become voting members. Nevertheless, the meeting will proceed even if we don't have quorum because we don't have any voting issues to address.

Chapter 2.  Agenda

A review of the agenda. I'm basing this agenda on my chairmanship of XML and XSLT conformance technical committees; any suggestions for changes are very welcome.

Chapter 3.  Minutes of the last meeting

There have been no other meetings for which we need to review minutes.

For the time being I will take minutes for the meetings, unless anyone else really wants to do it. It has been my experience, though, that no-one ever wants to do it so it will save time if I just take them myself until someone steps forward. I cannot, however, do it if I do not attend, so we will need a volunteer for the weeks I am not present.

Chapter 4.  Membership

A review of membership issues. I would like to find a volunteer in the group to monitor and manage membership issues, please.

Chapter 5.  Web site

A review of web site issues. For the time being I will take the responsibility for the web site. Jon is coordinating meetings of SC chairs with OASIS regarding issues of openness of the web site to the general public. This agenda item will be in all meetings to ensure any members' issues are addressed.

Another issue is that I hope to have the updated archives accessible through http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl-fpsc/ but this has not happened yet and they appear to only be accessible through private means.

Chapter 6.  Reports of standing committees

We don’t yet have any standing committees. At times we may task a few members to go off and solve a problem and report back to the group, at which point their identified activity as a standing committee will be included here in the agendas.

Chapter 7.  Outstanding action items

An enumeration of outstanding action items from past meetings, with the opportunity for the person to which the item is charged to address the current status of the action.

Chapter 8.  Agenda items

(An enumeration of the topics planned to be addressed at the meeting.)

20030417-Agenda1 - Stylesheet linking

  • we have a formal action item from LCSC to address the comment http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ubl-fpsc/email/archives/200304/msg00007.html from David Burdett

  • personally I want to just use XML Stylesheet Association as suggested by Dan, but we need to discuss David's comments and ascertain if we meet enough of his needs and Dan's caveats to write up a formal response to LCSC for use in their formal response

  • since the UBL face-to-face is very soon, we need to have an answer back to LCSC hopefully in a few days

  • I've been wondering if we can do anything with XHTML+RDDL as a instance containing FPSC information related to a document type and use that as a model of what users can do in a magic attribute pointing to this kind of information

20030417-Agenda2 - FPSC contribution to next UBL release

  • I have requested from LCSC a checklist of everything they would like from us for their next release

  • I'm anticipating this to be three existing scenarios: Office, Joinery and UN Layout, perhaps with a couple of new document types to cover the bases in the non-UN layouts

  • I don't know what LCSC wants to do with code lists

  • we need to discuss the timing of getting requirements and then meeting them with the resources at hand, who is going to help with what, etc.

20030417-Agenda3 - eDocs requirements

  • I have been asked by Jon to talk with him regarding his discussions with the eDocs folks, and will report the details back to this group

  • unfortunately, Jon's schedule is such that getting that discussion to happen is more difficult than originally anticipated

20030417-Agenda4 - documentation practices

  • I want to quickly brainstorm how we, as a group, can utilize XML to produce our documents

  • I am rewriting the document models used in the prototype documentation to be FPSC committee document models instead of our company ones, and we can use these models and the stylesheets I contribute

  • please review the documentation created for UBL 0p70 to prepare for this discussion, in particular the use of XPath addresses

Chapter 9.  Action items

A review of all action items both from before the meeting and established during the meeting.

Chapter 10.  Future meetings

The teleconferences will be regularly held and we need an expectation of who will be able to attend the next meeting (for example, I'm on a podium presenting at a forum during the time of next week's call, and then in England for the three Thursdays that follow ... which means I'm gone for four consecutive teleconference dates).

We need to know who will be at the face-to-face in London the week of April 28 to May 2.

Chapter 11.  Adjournment

Meetings will be held to less than an hour's length. We should be doing our work over the mail list and be using the meetings as an opportunity for vocalizing and brainstorming where we need real time discussion.