OASIS Vocabulary for XML Standards and Technologies TC


Minutes of Meeting 24 May 2002
Updated: 08 July 2002, H. Holger Rath

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1. Participants

Thomas Bandholtz
Patrick Durusau
Lars Marius Garshol
Motomu Naito
Mary Y. Nishikawa
Peter Pappamikail
Steve Pepper
H. Holger Rath
Bernard Vatant

2. Agenda

  1. Welcome by chair
    Welcome Mary Y. Nishikawa and Peter Pappamikail as voting members
  2. Roll call of participants
  3. Approval of agenda
  4. Approval of minutes of last meeting
  5. Review of action items
  6. Results of voting on requirements documents
  7. Gathering use cases and impact of use cases on requirements
  8. Results of first analysis of CoverPages
  9. Roadmap until end of 2002
  10. Next meetings

3. Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes were approved.

4. Review of Actions Items

#3 - Chairs of published subject TCs (PubSubj, GeoLang, and XMLvoc) will jointly ask OASIS for the domains psi.xml.org (for XMLvoc published subjects) and psi.oasis-open.org (for other TCs). See new action item #6.

5. Content

  1. Results of voting on requirements documents

    Voting Members of TC: 10  
    Received votes: 8  
    "Yes" votes: 7 (> 2/3 = 6.6)
    "No" votes: 1 (< 1/4 = 2.5)
    abstain: 0  
    => Req. document is approved by the TC members

    Chair received a couple of notes or comments on the requirements document, which triggered the next item "Use Cases".

  2. Gathering use cases and impact of use cases on requirements

    TC brainstormed serveral use cases, which could be summarized as follows:

    • design of ontology
    • interchange of information
    • syndication of content -- push/pull
    • "OSI" layer approach - educational use, to be explained by XMLvoc
    • vocabulary where pre-existing classification does not exist - and provide a validation mechanism (specific PSIs, providing a model for how to construct PSI, validation of a proof of concept)
    • Sellable XML ontology with PSI for binding points
    • reuse reduces institutional investment costs
    • XML Portal

    TC members should further discuss the use cases.

  3. Results of first analysis of CoverPages

    Instead of analysing the CoverPages TC started with keywords of the XML Europe 2002 proceedings. This resulted in following topic types and occurrence types.

    Topic types:

    • Application Domain (Industry)
    • Application, e.g. ebXML
    • Character Encoding
    • Committee
    • Data Model
    • Language
    • Markup Language
    • Organization
    • Person
    • Platform (OS) and Software
    • Product/Tool
    • Programming Language
    • Project
    • Protocol
    • Query Language
    • Schema Languages
    • Service (Professional Services)
    • Service Provider
    • Standard = Technology = W3C recommendation
    • Standard Stage
    • Standards Body
    • Tool Ccategory
    • Users
    • Vendor
    • Vocabulary (how it relates, application of a schema)

    Occurrence types:

    • Abstract
    • Assessment of
    • Bio
    • Charter
    • Copyright Status
    • Current Version Number
    • Date of Birth
    • Dates
    • Definition
    • Description
    • Download Location
    • Email Addresses
    • Fact Sheet
    • Homepage - Web Address
    • License
    • Logo
    • Press Release
    • Price
    • Privacy
    • Report on
    • Signature
    • Smail Aaddresses
    • Spec Text
    • Web Page

  4. Roadmap until end of 2002

    TC members should work on following list of tasks until Montreal meeting, 10 August 2002:

    • Clustering of use cases
    • Look at topics and occurrences
    • Can look at Cover pages
    • Proposal for associations are welcome
    • Look at resources (internal or external) to see how well (or not well) the sites fit the topic and occurrence types listed above

  5. Other business

    TC decides to reduce number of conference calls to a minimum. If members are not able to attend face-to-face meetings, dial-in possibilities will be provided, which will be handled quite flexible (e.g., not-attending members can call mobile phone of attending member, get a summary of the meeting, and provide comments).

7. Action Items

No. Action Who Deadline State
1 Scan XMLCover Pages or other XML info sites to harvest PSIs all 24 May 2002 x
2 Write outline of requirements spec. H. Holger Rath 15 Apr 2002 c
3 Contact OASIS to establish and get access to psi.xml.org H. Holger Rath 24 May 2002 x
4 Finalize requirements document and let TC vote on it H. Holger Rath 24 May 2002 c
5 Explain why URNs do not work for PSIs Lars Marius Garshol 24 May 2002 c
6 Contact Karl Best (OASIS) together with PubSubj and GeoLang chairs to ask for psi.oasis-open.org (any PSI sets) and psi.xml.org (XMLvoc) Lars Marius Garshol 31 July 2002 o
7 Summarize Use Cases in new document for discussion in mailing list H. Holger Rath 15 July 2002 o
8 Check lists of topic and occurrences types against web pages containing XML information, extend list and add association types and roles All 31 July 2002 o
Legend for state of action items:
o - still open
c - closed
x - not necessary any more

8. Future Dates

  • 10 August 2002, 13:00-16:00 (local time), Montreal, Wyndham Hotel in conjunction with Extreme Markup Languages conference.