OASIS Vocabulary for XML Standards and Technologies TC


Updated: 26 April 2002, H. Holger Rath

Version: 1.0
Status: approved by TC at 26 April 2002

>>> Introduction >>> Requirements

1. Introduction

This document sets down the requirements that will guide the work of the XMLvoc TC. These requirements document the intentions of the TC. The purpose of this document is to make it clear what can be expected to come out of the TC's work, and to encourage the user community to make their needs known to the TC.

The following key words are used to indicate the degree of certainty associated with each particular requirement:

Means that the requirement is absolute.
Means that the requirement is a goal.
Means that the requirement is considered important, but that it is not yet clear whether the TC's work should conform to it or not.

2. Requirements

  1. The XMLvoc TC shall deliver - besides this requirements document:
    1. a core vocabulary of Published Subjects that defines types, may add selected instances, and will show how to extend it,
    2. examples how to apply the vocabulary, and
    3. recommendations for the definition of further Published Subjects for XML standards and technologies.
  2. The core vocabulary shall be limited to the scope of core XML standards and technologies.
  3. The core vocabulary will define PSIs for the sub-domains of core standards, standards built on core standards, standards organizations, and tool implementors.
  4. The core vocabulary shall be defined following the recommendations of the PubSubj TC.
  5. The core vocabulary shall be documented in XHTML and shall be documented in XTM.
  6. The examples shall be a topic map in XTM format, but also an RDF example may be considered.
  7. The examples shall illustrate the intended use of the core vocabulary.
  8. The recommendations shall describe how third parties can extend the core vocabulary.
  9. The recommendations should contain an example of such an extension. The extension example should be provided in XTM format and may be provided in XHTML or RDF format.
  10. The target market for the results of the XMLvoc TC shall be applications built using topic maps, RDF and similar technologies.