Minutes of OASIS WS-RX Teleconference

Aug 10, 2006


Start Time:4:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Sanjay acted as chair.


1) Roll Call



Lei Jin

BEA Systems, Inc.*

Dave Orchard

BEA Systems, Inc.*

Gilbert Pilz

BEA Systems, Inc.*

Ian Jones


Hamid Ben Malek

Fujitsu Limited*

Jacques Durand

Fujitsu Limited*

Robert Freund

Hitachi, Ltd.*

Nobuyuki Yamamoto

Hitachi, Ltd.*

Doug Davis


Christopher Ferris


Matt Lovett


Anthony Nadalin


Mark Little

JBoss Inc.*

Stefan Batres

Microsoft Corporation*

Paul Cotton

Microsoft Corporation*

Colleen Evans

Microsoft Corporation*

Marc Goodner

Microsoft Corporation*

Jonathan Marsh

Microsoft Corporation*

Asir Vedamuthu

Microsoft Corporation*

Paul Knight

Nortel Networks Limited*

Steve Carter


Martin Chapman

Oracle Corporation*

Eric Rajkovic

Oracle Corporation*

Sanjay Patil


Umit Yalcinalp


Mike Grogan

Sun Microsystems*

Pete Wenzel

Sun Microsystems*

Dan Leshchiner

Tibco Software Inc.*

Lily Liu

webMethods, Inc.*


2) Assignment of Scribe

Marc Goodner volunteered.


3) Review and approval of the agenda

Approved unanimously.


4) Approval of the Aug 3, 2006 meeting minutes


Approved unanimously.


5) AI Review


Noted that issues should be assigned numbers as they come in and tagged as new, rather than waiting to assign numbers on a call.


Where is our public comment list?

Sanjay to investigate, make sure list is up to date.


6) New issues since last conf-call


a>    Review and disposition of comments/editorial issues against CD4 

Propoes-01 location of normative XSD


Propoes-02 runon sentence in section 2


Propoes-03 editorial def'n of RMS and RMD


Propoes-04 clarify second bullet in Protocol Invariants


Propoes-05 RM Protocol Elements dives right into extensibility discussion, no intro


Propoes-06 use of capitalization for defined terms


Propoes-07 Inconsistent use of single and double quotes for values


Propoes-08 WS-RX Public Review


Propoes-09 Text describing extensibility syntax in WS-RM needed in WS-RM Policy


Propoes-10 Missing period on line 347 of WS-RM


Propoes-11 Weird gap on page 21


Motion to accept all proposed issues as a single issue and adopt proposals.

Approved unanimously.

Will be tagged as issue 158 and marked as pending.


b> Other new issues


7) Revisit Public Review planning

  8/10 conf-call: TC review of CD4 ends. Received comments are disposed.



  8/11 - Editors produce a new CD4/PR candidate draft.


Are editors comfortable with being able to produce this tomorrow (including HTML)?

Yes. HTML may be a bit “off”.

Will there be a PDF with line numbers?


PDF and Open Office versions available tomorrow will be enough. It would be OK if HTML version take a bit longer to get right.

Problem with html version is problems occurring from Open Office HTML export.

Will there be a zip of everything?


Including RDDL?


Paul Cotton to respond to Gil on an open question regarding the RDDL document.


  8/17 conf-call: Ballots are conducted to approve CD4 and PR drafts.

Two ballots will be conducted on next week’s conference call.

First ballot will be to accept drafts as CD.

Second ballot will be to accept CD as PR.


8) Issue Discussion:

 a> i153  MsgNumRollover Fault is too restrictive



Motion to strike text "The RM Source MUST NOT send any new messages" and remove the "Rollover" column from the RMS state table since this change would make this column the exact same as the "Created" one.


Motion passed with unanimous consent.


 b> i155 RMS and RMD should not both use same STR when sending



Discussion of impact when using public key tokens in the STR

Discussion of limiting to SC vs. leaving STR open which could lead to people choosing tokens that may present problems.

Motion to close with no action.

Passed. 16 yes, 2 no.


 c> i156 New section 6 wording too specific



Motion to change to line 1272 "demonstrate proof-of-rights to the referenced key" to "demonstrate proof-of-possession of the secret associated with the token (e.g., by using or deriving from a private or secret key)."


Motion passed with unanimous consent.


 d> i157 Possible interop issue with WS-Addressing



Motion to close with no action, note that there is a dependency on outcome at WS-Addressing there may be a new PR issue depending on what the outcome in that WG is.

Motion passed with unanimous consent.


9) Any other business

All adopted proposals today will be in the candidate CD.


Discussion of interop event

Doug not sure of his availability yet.

Stefan, not available to work on interop scenarios until after 8/31

Suggestion for interop SC to have a call.

Note that there is a very short window between having the scenarios available and the interop places this event at risk.

Previous agreement was this second interop was to broaden adoption, now there are significant new features to test.

We need to add more detailed interop planning, Paul Fremantle has been interested in driving but is unavailable today.

Will be on agenda for next week.

Suggestion to start discussion on list before next week's call.

Who is going to participate?

When will new interop scenarios be ready?

How much time do people need between scenarios being available and being able to commit to participate?

Is a phased interop a good idea? Old scenarios for phase one and new scenarios for phase two.


Meeting adjourned at 2:00pm PST.