WS-TX Meeting Minutes

Date:Thursday, 08 February 2007



1. Roll Call - chair

Ian Robinson called the roll.The meeting is quorate (16 out of 20).

Meeting Attendees




Charlton Barreto

Adobe Systems

Group Member

Tom Rutt

Fujitsu Limited*

Group Member

Robert Freund

Hitachi, Ltd.*

Group Member

Eisaku Nishiyama

Hitachi, Ltd.*

Group Member

Doug Davis


Group Member

Thomas Freund


Group Member

Ian Robinson


Group Member

Andrew Wilkinson


Group Member

John Harby


Group Member

Colleen Evans

Microsoft Corporation*

Group Member

Ram Jeyaraman

Microsoft Corporation*

Group Member

Paul Knight

Nortel Networks Limited*

Group Member

Martin Chapman

Oracle Corporation*

Group Member

Kevin Conner

Red Hat*

Group Member

Joseph Fialli

Sun Microsystems

Group Member

Monica Martin

Sun Microsystems

Group Member



2. Confirm Paul K as minute taker - chair

Paul Knight taking minutes.


3. Approve minutes of Jan F2F - chair [1]

Minutes approved.


4. Call for AOB - chair

Ram: Can we conduct the ballot during the meeting today?

Ian: Per the TC process, it needs to be conducted by the TC Administrator (Mary McRae)


5. Action Review

†† No outstanding AIs


6. Potential new issues to accept - Ram

Brief statement of each proposed new issue. In general the TC will accept issues that are not reopening resolved issues and that are in-scope. Accepted issues move from "review" state to "active" state.


†† i114 - Links to schema in WSDL files incorrect [2]


Bob: Move to accept.

Ram: Second.

No objection, accepted.


7. Issue resolution

†† i114 - Links to schema in WSDL files incorrect [2]

Ian: If we accept this change, we will need to conduct a special ballot, which would require the TC Admin to hold a ballot.


Martin: Would it be a substantive change?


Tom Rutt: The only difference is a copyright.Canít we argue that it is purely editorial?


Ian: It is purely editorial but the position of the TC Admin is that a new committee spec ballot is required.


Martin: Not sure a new ballot is required.


Ian: The process is very clear on this.


Ian: The proposed solution is to change the schemaLocation used within the WSDL to refer to the schemas with the correct copyright comment.


Ian: Move to change the schemaLocation referenced in the WSDL files, per the proposed resolution described in the issue.

Bob: Second.

No objections, motion approved.


Ian: The URLs of the WSDLs only in the RDDL, not the specifications, right?


Ram: I checked the specs, and that is correct.



8. Motion: Does the TC resolve to hold a ballot: "Approve WS-C/AT/BA as Committee Specifications and submit for OASIS Standard Vote"?

The materials to be approved as CS are the same as the previous CS/OS ballot [3] with the exception of the WSDL changes resolved in i114.


Ian: Move to request the TC Admin to set up a new CS and OS ballot to approve the same committee materials along with the updated artifact, the WSDL files.


Martin: I donít think this is something we can do without producing a new committee draft.


Ian: There is no change to the specifications Ė only to the WSDLs.


Tom Rutt: Second Ianís motion.


Motion approved; no objections.


Ian: At this point, we have not been able to contact Mary McRae to see if she can possibly join us to conduct the ballot while we have the necessary two-thirds of voting members on the call.

Ian: Is it a disaster if we slip by one month if we cannot conduct the ballot on this call?


Ram: Would prefer we not slip if possible.


Bob: So this has to do with the boilerplate text of the OASIS-mandated material, not with the specifications?Is there any alternative to another special vote?


Ian: The issue is really one of inconsistency. Our RDDL references 3 schemas and 3 WSDLs but the schemas imported by the WSDLs are at a different location. The content of the schemas is the same except for the copyright statements but it is an inconsistency.


Ram: Perhaps we could have the OASIS web server redirect requests for the old URI to the newer schema resources.


Ian: Thatís interesting, but we had to make new file names because OASIS have become more rigid about changing resources in the document library.If we did this there would be no way to get to the older version of the schema file, which would defeat the purpose of creating the new resource at the new URI.


Mary McRae, TC Admin, joined the call at 11:58 Eastern time.


Ian: Mary, thank you for joining.


Ian: We have found an editorial issue and resolved to change the WSDL that formed part of our approved committee specs. This is an editorial (non-substantive) change. According to the TC process, we need the TC Admin to conduct a special majority vote to approve new committee specifications.


Mary: Are two-thirds of the voting members on the call?


Ian: Yes.


Mary: How many?


Ian: We have fifteen out of 20 voting members.


Ian: Motion:Does the TC approve, as a new committee specification, the previous committee specification drafts amended by the three WSDL files that were changes as a result of Issue 114, and approve simultaneous submission to the OASIS membership for consideration as an OASIS standard?

Colleeen: Second.


Any objections or abstentions?

There were no objections or abstentions.


The motion has been approved.


Mary: I approve, and will be expecting the changed material.


Ian: The specifications themselves have not changed.Should the dates on the specifications be changed?


Mary: Letís make everything CS-2 (for WS-BA) and CS-3 for the others, as needed.


Ian: We will send the submission material.


Mary: Excellent.


Ian: Thanks very much, Mary.


Monica:I just joined the call.I would also like to support the motion just passed.


Tom: When will the next meeting be?


Ian: It is likely that we will cancel the next meeting.


Ian: Ram, Please update the issue-disposition document to include the resolution to Issue 114.


Bob: Move to adjourn.

Colleen: Second

Meeting adjourned at 12:07 Eastern time.


9. AOB


10. Straggler Roll Call


11. Close







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