UBL 1.0 Legacy Support Materials

This page lists supporting materials for OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) 1.0, which was ratified as an OASIS Standard in November 2004. UBL 1.0 has been superseded by UBL 2.0, which became an OASIS Standard in December 2006. However, materials linked from this page may still prove useful to UBL 1.0 users. Note that the UBL 1.0 specification itself (first link below) contains a variety of supporting materials as part of the release package. For UBL 2.0 supporting materials, see the UBL 2.0 Support Page:


UBL 1.0 Standard

The UBL 1.0 specification itself (zip file, 7.4 MB).


UBL 1.0 Naming and Design Rules

The XML naming and design rules used in the generation of UBL 1.0 XML schemas. The UBL 1.0 NDR document is itself an OASIS Standard.


UBL 1.0 International Data Dictionary

All 600+ data definitions in the UBL 1.0 Standard translated into Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.


A later draft (not yet approved as a TC deliverable) adds Italian.


UBL 1.0 Small Business Subset

A subset or profile of UBL 1.0 designed for small businesses (zip file, 1.5 MB).


UBL Formatters

UBL has been designed to make the production of printed output as easy as possible. The UBL 1.0 specification contains mappings from each of the eight UBL 1.0 documents to the corresponding paper layouts defined by the international standard UN Layout Key (UNLK). The resources below allow any compliant UBL 1.0 document to be rendered in a UNLK format.

Crane stylesheets for UBL 1.0

Crane Softwrights Ltd. has released for free download a suite of XSLT/XSL-FO stylesheets for converting UBL 1.0 document instances into either HTML or PDF presentations. The stylesheet library runs with any conformant XSLT 1.0 transformation engine and any conformant XSL-FO 1.0 rendering engine, and it includes a signature manifest for the Ibex XSL-FO engine.


Ibex UBL formatter

Visual Programming Ltd. has announced the availability of a free version of their Ibex XSL-FO engine supporting digitally-signed stylesheets. This product transforms any UBL 1.0 XML document instance directly into a PDF file using the Crane UBL stylesheets.


Ambrosoft UBL transformer

Ambrosoft has released a free Java formatter that implements the Crane UBL stylesheets as a single executable jar file. The Ambrosoft UBL transformer runs on any Java platform and will transform any UBL 1.0 document instance into HTML that can be displayed or printed out using an ordinary web browser. It can also create an XSL-FO file for further processing by an XSL-FO engine.