FPSC Agenda 20030522 - 17:00UTC (13:00EDT/10:00PDT) - DRAFT

$Date: 2003/05/27 12:04:44 $(UTC)

Table of Contents

1. Roll call and quorum
2. Agenda
3. Minutes of the last meeting
4. Membership
5. Web site
6. Reports of standing committees
7. Outstanding action items
8. Agenda items
9. Action items
10. Future meetings
11. Adjournment

1.  Roll call and quorum

Voting members expected in attendance (alphabetical) at the teleconference; a quorum of four of the seven members is needed:

  • G. Ken Holman (chair)

  • Jean McInerney

  • Jodi Narel

  • Sue Probert

  • Eric Smith

  • Gunther Stuhec

  • Dan Vint

Voting members having sent regrets:

  • none at this time

Observing members who may be in attendance (alphabetical) at the teleconference:

  • Zachary Alexander

  • Chee-Kai Chin

  • Stephen Green (indicated 2003-05-02 desire to become voting member)

  • Monica Martin

  • Bill Parducci

  • Jim Wilson

If voting members are unable to attend, please inform the chair before the meeting begins. This notification need not arrive until a few days before the meeting begins and can be privately sent to the chair (be sure to include "UBL" somewhere in the subject or body of the private message, please).

2.  Agenda

Please forward before the meeting any suggestions for agenda changes. This document will be republished repeatedly as new items get added.

3.  Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last two meetings are posted at

4.  Membership

Quorum is required at all meetings to progress voting-related issues. If you are a voting member and you are unable to attend on a regular basis, please consider becoming an observer to make quorum requirements more easily met.

5.  Web site

No new web site issues have come to light.

6.  Reports of standing committees

We don’t yet have any standing committees.

7.  Outstanding action items

20030522-Action1 - Sue - continue liaison with eDocs regarding participation in the FPSC group

8.  Agenda items

20030522-Agenda2 - Formal acceptance of FPSC charter

20030522-Agenda3 - Project plan to proceed

20030529-Agenda1 - new agenda item

  • new agenda item

9.  Action items

A review of all action items both from before the meeting and established during the meeting.

10.  Future meetings

The next teleconference will be June 5, 2003.

11.  Adjournment

Meetings will be held to less than an hour's length.