ebXML Messaging TC Teleconference Minutes July 11, 2007


Ian Jones Chair
Jacques Durand

Ric Emery

Iwasa Kazunori

Hamid Ben Malek
Dale Moberg

Pete Wenzel


Rajashekar Kailar


The agenda / meeting calling notice is available at:




Actions from Previous meeting







Matters arising from actions



Agenda Review

Add review of CPPA example after 5.



Dale Approve all outstanding minutes Pete seconded. Approved by unamous vote.

Version 3.0 work

Sufficient votes have been cast to approve version 3 as a Committee standard and to submit to become an OASIS standard.

Pete: Motion: the TC to confirm no substantive changes have been made to the specification since the second public review. Seconded by Jacques. Approved by unanimous consent.

Rik: Motion: The examples and XML artefacts meet the quality requirement of section 2.18 of the TC process to the best of the TCs ability and knowledge. Seconded by Hamid. Approved by unanimous consent.


New Issues



Outstanding work items and issues

Conformance profile Jacques introduced some of the changes he was proposing with specific concern about the WS-I references. After a brief discussion Jacques suggested to remove the defined references to future specification. Will people please review the latest draft and send comments to the list.


New work items and issues

The CPPA examples that Dale posted a couple of weeks ago require checking and further work to ensure correctness and completeness. Need a URI to reference conformance profile and version number (This has been added to the latest draft posted yesterday by Jacques).

Future Work

Promotion of core spec and Standards vote:

        Reuse webinar to build mini-FAQ 1 page

        Direct people to the webinar both recording and slides

        Remove some of the introduction slides to produce a simpler slide pack.


Part 2 additional features
Ian suggested a Face to Face for September after a few weeks of requirements gathering /proposals and wish list of functionality and use the F2F to make a coherent. Also a book for message specification Version 3 would be discussed.



Call Schedule & details

July 18th 2:30pm Agenda to be published.