DITA Proposed Feature # 12050a

Longdescref element for image and object.

Longer description

Create new longdescref element modelled after xref, with equivalent attributes but no subelements, since there is no linktext or shortdesc required for this element's function.



Use Case

Need to have full range of referencing capabilities (including scope, format etc.) - not just href attribute.

Technical Requirements

New element called longdescref, available as an optional child element of image and object, with the following attributes:
  • href
  • keyref
  • type
  • scope
  • format
  • id
  • conref
  • base
  • rev
  • status
  • outputclass
  • class
  • props
  • rev
  • product
  • platform
  • audience
  • otherprops


Trivial (copying xref and modifying its content)


Makes linking to supporting resources from image and object consistent and more flexible.

Time Required

1 day to change schemas/DTDs.