DITA Proposed Feature #12043

Support draft-comment in more places.

Longer description

Support draft-comment in locations that need it but do not allow it today.

Use Cases

Users often wish to insert draft-comments in locations that do not allow it. Two specific examples are inside <body> and inside <shortdesc>. Users have requested each of these locations; based on other DITA content models it seems logical for draft-comment to appear here.

It likewise seems logical to allow draft-comment inside <conbody> which is nearly identical to <body>, so that is also part of this proposal.

Technical Requirements

Update to DTDs and Schemas.


Small impact.


Reduce user confusion, allow draft comments closer to the item that needs commenting.

New or Changed Specification Language

Updates to the contains/contained by sections of body, shortdesc, conbody, and draft-comment.

Note: If appropriate, the spec may contain a note that topics reusing short descriptions from another topic would not pull in the draft comment. This is close enough to specifying implementation / stylesheet behavior that I have not made it an official part of this proposal; if the TC decides it is warranted then we can add it in.