OASIS Provisioning Services Technical Committee (PSTC)
Meeting Minutes



Meeting Date


Meeting Time

11:00 am EST


Tel: 1-888-384-9090 or

Tel: 1-719-955-1560       

Passcode: 259989


1 Hour


Jeff Bohren

Recording Secretary

Alex Wang


As published as of 1/12/08


Jeff Bohren

BMC Software*

Group Member

Robert Boucher


Group Member

Ronald Jacobson


Group Member

James Hu


Group Member

Marco Fanti

Oracle Corporation

Group Member

Martin Raepple


Group Member

Richard Sand

Tripod Technology Group, Inc.

Group Member

Kent Spaulding

Tripod Technology Group, Inc.

Group Member

Alex Wang

Tripod Technology Group, Inc.

Group Member


Quorum achieved.


Voting status changes:

            No changes




  1. Approve Minutes from 12/04/07 [1]


Approved by UC.


  1. TC Chair Transition


Kent Spaulding nominated by Alex Wang. Seconded by Jeff Bohren.


Jeff Bohren moves that Kent Spaulding be elected as the new TC Chair. Approved by UC.


Jeff Bohren takes the AI to notify Mary McCray.




  1. Errata Update


The Errata has been approved.


  1. Standard Schema Update


Martin questions whether there is really a need for this any more. Kent will touch base with Sun to see if there is any interest. Should be added to the next meeting’s agenda.


  1. Publishing WSDL


James posted a proposal to the list. Kent to take an AI to look at the documents. Encourages others to do so as well.



  1. PS TC Future Work and Status


Need to decide of future work items such as the Standard Schema and Enterprise Provisioning Profile. Someone needs to take over for Jeff Bohren on the Enterprise Provisioning Profile.


Action Items

    • Standard Schema Input from SAP – Martin Raepple
    • Standard Schema Input from CA – Robert Boucher


[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/provision/document.php?document_id=26296