OASIS Provisioning Services Technical Committee (PSTC)
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11:00 am EST


Tel: 1-408-792-6300

Meeting Number: 941 879 828


1 Hour


Kent Spaulding

Recording Secretary

Alex Wang


As published as of 1/28/08


Robert Boucher


Group Member

James Hu


Group Member

Marco Fanti

Oracle Corporation

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Martin Raepple


Group Member

Kent Spaulding

Tripod Technology Group, Inc.

Group Member

Alex Wang

Tripod Technology Group, Inc.

Group Member


Quorum achieved.


Voting status changes:

       No changes





0.    Need a volunteer to take minutes


Martin Raepple volunteered to take minutes.


1.      Approve Minutes from 1/15/08 [1]


Approved by UC.


2.      Standard Schema Update


Robert: Will continue to work on the standard schema and expects to get legal approval to contribute CA’s schema input within the next weeks

Kent: Hasn’t reached Sun yet but will try again to approach Sun if there is interest from their side


3.      Publishing WSDL Update


Kent: Wasn’t able to look at the WSDL yet.

Robert: Based on his experience, WSDL of the SPML implementation is automatically published by the underlying SOAP Framework/Tools on the fly. Is the objective of the WSDL for SPMLv2 document an attempt to standardize what should be generated?

James: This is a general approach to define a standardized WSDL document, e.g. with regard to WSDL style. RPC-Style does not fit to SPML 2.0. Document-Style fits better and is more portable.

Kent: Sees the document a candidate for the Enterprise Provisioning Profile

Robert: Tools might not produce the same WSDL as defined in the document. Is the intent to use the WSDL as describe in the document to generate the stubs for the interface?

James: There are two ways to use the WSDL for SPMLv2 document: To generate stubs and SPML request XML from WSDL.


4.    PS TC Future Work and Status


Kent: Questions whether there is a list available of products that implement SPML 1.0 / 2.0?

Robert: Analysts should have such a list

Alex: Burton Group might have such a list because they are a big supporter of SPML

Alex: Will call Mary from OASIS to ask about public list of SPML and analyst reports

Kent: Questions if there are volunteers for Enterprise Provisioning Profile.

Robert: Will focus on Standard Schema work


Action Items

    • Standard Schema Input from SAP – Martin Raepple
    • Standard Schema Input from CA – Robert Boucher


[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/provision/download.php/26799/Minutes%201-15-08.htm