UBL - NDRSC Teleconference Meeting Minutes

Date: 9 July 2003

1. Roll Call and Welcome from the chair (Lisa)

Attended: Lisa Seaburg (chair), Anne Hendry, Arofan Gregory, Dan Vint, Mike Grimley, Jay Gager, Tony Coates, Stephen Green, Jessica Glace, Gunther Stuhec, Bill Burcham (lurking).

2. Acceptance of minutes from previous meetings.


When minutes are posted to the website, you have 5 days to register an objection by emailing or they are accepted by assumption.

3. Adoption of agenda/schedule planning

Upcoming Call Schedule: July 9 - Lisa, chair July 16 - Mavis, chair (NDR checklist) July 23 - Mark, chair (NDR Checklist) July 28 - Aug 1 - Face to Face Montreal (Process OASIS NDR/Clist review)

4. Action Items and Issues:

A. Containership Proposal from Stephen Green, Tony Coates and Arofan Gregory.

Proposed full set of rules, as discussed:

(1) All non-repeatable BIEs that are direct children of the document-level BIE in the model will be child elements of a generated "Head" element in the schema. The generated "Head" element will be named "[doctype]Head", and its content model will be a sequence. It will reference a generated type named "[doctype]HeadType". Both the generated "Head" element and its type will be declared in the same namespace as the document-level element. (Note: This rule implies that all documents will have generated "Head" elements, without exception, regardless of their other 'body' contents, to cover cases where the document will be extended with the Context mechanism, and for general consistency.)

(2) All repeatable BIEs in the model will have generated containers. The containers will be named "[name_of_repeatable_element]List". These containers will be required if the cardinality of their contained immediate children requires at least one; if their contained children are optional; the container itself will be optional. At least one of the repeatable children of the List will always be required, but there may be more than one required child if that agrees with the cardinality found in the business model.

All "_____List" elements will reference a "_______ListType", which will be declared in the same namespace as the element that represents the repeatable BIE in the business model. The content model of this type will have a single child element, which will have a maximum occurrence that reflects the maximum occurrence in the business model, and a minimum occurrence as described in this rule, above.

(NOTE: This rule applies equally to 'list' containers at the document level, and also at lower levels within the document.)

(3) The document element in the schema will have a content model that is a sequence of elements, the first of which will be the "Head" element, and the others will be the generated "List" elements, in the order in which their contained, repeatable children appeared in the model.

(4) All elements in the generated schema that are direct children of the generated "head" elements in all documents should be gathered together into a common aggregate type, named "HeadType", which will be declared in the Common Aggregate Types namespace. This type should be declared abstract, and all document headers should be extensions - even if only trivial extensions to facilitate re-naming - of this abstract type. (Note: This rule allows for polymorphic processing of the set of generic header elements across all document types.)


***Motion:(Arofan) We agree in the direction of the rules being submitted,

a. Endorse the direction as indicated in this proposal.

b. Authorize Arofan to make the changes that were discussed in this meeting.


Substitute the word "Top" for "Head",

Make sure we have explicitly covers the 1..n in the wording.

c. Authorize Mark to make editorial changes.

d. Submit to list for final approval. (vote by email)

Discussion about the word Top and Head, went on. We went through quite a few different words, sack, bag, header, guide, container, pre, prefice, cluster, association, bunch, packet, pocket, singles, start, block, assembly,

Lisa Seaburg, top
Anne Hendry single,
Arofan Gregory top,
Dan Vint single,
Mike Grimley top,
Tony Coates top,
Stephen Green head,
Jessica Glace top,
Gunther Stuhec top,

Top has beaten the rest out.

Motion approved.

B. Modeling changes and schedule for schema fixes for XML instances and FPSC.

In working for the FPSC, Stephen Green has found some errors and typos. He has already submitted a revised spreadsheet, the fixes are all modeling fixes. There were 3 main areas,

  1. Delivery Details at document and line level. They had been there in 0p70 and now they are gone.
  2. Hard to indentify an Order and reference another document. Again had been clear in 0p70, changes in 0p80 made to difficult. We went back to the 0p70 way of doing it.
  3. We lost PartyName from Party,

Tim had agreed in principle and the changes are being made.

The changes are being made to a 0p81 version, at the Face to Face the LCSC will start with 0p80.

C. Other issues

The NDR Checklist is not fully accepted as of yet. We need to get the accepted rules reviewed and gone faster.

AI: Lisa to go through the rules and send out emails for votes on rules.

AI: Gunther: Comments from Garrett Minakawa were sent to Gunther and send out a new version.

5. Review NDR Rules Checklist, started last week.

Notes are inline in the document. Available at: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ubl/ubl-ndrsc/download.php/2831/UBL%20Schema%20Naming%20and%20Design%20Rules%20Checklist_20030709.rtf

AI: Lisa will be sending out NDR rules for email vote and discussion. Looking for feedback,

6. Face to Face Agenda

7. Other Business:

8. Adjorn

Next NDRSC teleconference call is 16 July 2003, Mavis Chairing.