ebXML Messaging TC Teleconference Minutes August 12, 2009


Ian Jones                     Chair

Timothy Bennett

Jacques Durand

Sander Fieten

Dale Moberg

Pim van der Eijk


Iwasa Kazunori

Makesh Rao

Ric Emery                   – Leave of absence


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Agenda Review

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Version 3.0 work

Part 2: Advanced features

Jacques posted an update to the conformance profile shortly before the call and explained that the changes were proposals to address comments raised by Bill Cox as part of the AS4 public review. (These are highlighted in red.) The changes mostly address the use of RFC2119 key words and the status of this document (Normative/Non Normative).  A conformance clause is required to be added to the document similar to the AS4 profile.  Dale asked “does each conformance have a separate URI” – yes.  Jacques will try and add the required conformance clauses and ensure it aligns with the statements in the AS4 profile.


Jacques had posted a summary of results of last weeks call discussion on the next/role issue which met with consensus with an addition from Pim that in addition to the messaging header it could apply to the reference parameter used for routing.  Jacques will make changes to section 4.5 of the spec to reflect this proposal and will also include changes to ensure the correct use of must understand which followed from Pim’s initial comments.


Ian said that we still have bundling rules to agree, previous discussion have suggested some ideas and limitations but is likely that these will be only be recommendations as they may be subject to community or bi-lateral agreements.  The issue is likely to be the requirements to be flexible on receipt which may be problematic for error handling and reporting.

AS4-SC Report

Timothy agreed that he still needed to add the introduction to the spec.

Actions and issues



The future meeting time will change to 11:30 PDT but may be changed for specific meetings to allow for more Asian suitable time on occasions.  The meeting calendar / e-mail notices should be checked to ensure the correct time. 

Call Schedule & details

Next call August 19, 11:30am USA Pacific time, (7:30pm UK(BST), 20:30 CET) – Call details are: Tel. +1-218-486-8700 pass code 120905.