ebXML Messaging TC Teleconference Minutes August 19, 2009


Ian Jones                     Chair

Timothy Bennett

Jacques Durand

Sander Fieten

Dale Moberg

Pim van der Eijk


Iwasa Kazunori

Makesh Rao

Ric Emery                   – Leave of absence


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Agenda Review

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Approval of previous Minutes

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Version 3.0 work

Part 2: Advanced features

Jacques posted an update to the conformance profile the day before this call.  The changes were made to section 2.4.5 based on the previous discussion and postings about the next role etc.  (See previous minutes for more details).  This version needs to be reviewed as a number of changes had been made previously and need to be approved.


Pim raised the issue of how to add multi-hop to CPPA – this has now been transsisoned to ebCore TC as the CPPA TC has closed.  Dale said that the work on V3 CPPA spec was stalled with the editor at the moment.   The work probably needs to be started by the ebCore team and we should start a discussion for the next ebCore call.


We still have the bundling section outstanding as this the last outstanding working that the members of this TC wish to complete for the advanced features.  The major discussion point preventing closure previously was about what messages could be bundled.  The question about how strict or lax we wish to be, do all messages have to have the same Pmode or just one that do not conflict?  Pim’s suggestion is to leave this to configuration issue and controllable at each leg of a transmission.  Some discussion on the level of support required to implement this started, a potential issue is that if the sender can send a very flexible bundle the the receiving msh may have to be able to handle anything.  A question of limiting the number of messages was raised – may need to a new parameter to specify a maximum.  Jacques suggested that this is a similar issue to how do messages get assigned to a conversation.  Sander suggested that the parameters about minimum and maximum time, size etc. are implementation specific and not part of the formal Pmode definition and only explained in the spec.


Ian requested that posts with suggestion be sent to the list to get this discussion re-started as actual proposal and suggest text/inclusion.  Some posts had started several month ago but had died as the detailed of discussion to finalise the intermediary processing took up all the call time available. Someone may wish to look back at the list and gather together or comment on the previous posts. 

AS4-SC Report

Timothy has passed the sections he was working on to Jacques for inclusion in the revision.  Pim reported that GS1 are expressing interest in AS4 and are reporting that it is a standard to watch.  A questionnaire about it standards and their exploitation is under discussion.  Jacques has updated the spec and re-issued an update just before the meeting started.  Ian asked was the spec complete and ready for review?  Jacques believes it is complete but needs people to review before we move to formal OASIS status.

Actions and issues

All to review the AS4 and conformance profile for next week so that we can decide on the review cycles and voting required to move these documents to approved OASIS documents.


People were comfortable with the new time of 11:30 PDT (some people especially so!!) and we will continue to use this time for the future. 

Call Schedule & details

Next call August 26, 11:30am USA Pacific time, (7:30pm UK(BST), 20:30 CET) – Call details are: Tel. +1-218-486-8700 pass code 120905.