ebXML Messaging TC Teleconference Minutes August 26, 2009


Ian Jones                     Chair

Jacques Durand

Sander Fieten

Dale Moberg

Pim van der Eijk


Timothy Bennett

Iwasa Kazunori

Makesh Rao

Ric Emery                   – Leave of absence


The agenda / meeting calling notice is available at:



Actions from Previous meeting







Matters arising from actions



Agenda Review

No changes


Approval of previous Minutes

All previous minutes were approved unanimously.  Ian will update the TC pages accordingly.


Version 3.0 work

Part 2: Advanced features

Pim posted an update to the spec the day prior to the meeting and had some issues editing due to the number of change marks causing problems and recommends we accept all current changes.  Pim suggested that the next editor accepts all changes unless any objections – no comments were received so the changes will be accepted.

Sander will update the spec to check his comments and accept all current changes as he was concerned that we did not loose some of the comments that provided rationales for the text.

Pim worked through his changes and has identified some issues while updating the examples to reflect the latest changes for the multi-hop.

Dale instigated a discussion on the text discussing the inclusion of next role as the wording only states “may” and wishes to ensure no ambiguity in the text and maximise interoperability.   This became a very detailed discussion to ensure a detailed concise and accurate definition of handling headers in all cases.  This will be updated in the next draft by Sander to (hopefully) reflect this long running issue and discussion.  This will be reviewed on the next call.


Jacques posted some suggested some PMode parameters at the start of the meeting.

Jacques believes that the current text is close to what is required and thinks some extension of the security etc.  Ian challenged one specific PMode parameter (maximum time to create a bundle) that was discussed as Ian opposed its inclusion and other thought it useful, no consensus was reached but the alternate views were understood by both sides,


A discussion on the use and compatibility of PModes started and did not lead to any decision but questions and issues to think about.  What is a compatible PMode? How would they be ranked? What happens if the receiving partner disagrees?


No comments on the conformance profile yet received – this still needs to be formally reviewed.   This is a normative document so must have a conformance clause which was the major changes of the final draft.


Ian has started to raise the issue of how to add multi-hop to CPPA – now this controlled by the ebCore TC as the CPPA TC has closed, it expected to raise this on the next ebCore call.  (The last ebCore call was cancelled.)

AS4-SC Report

Timothy was not on the call and no actions took place.  Discussion on next steps and formal approval were deferred to next call

Actions and issues

All to review the AS4 and conformance profile for next week so that we can decide on the review cycles and voting required to move these documents to approved OASIS documents.


Ian told the team that he would not be on the call of September 9th and possibly not the calls of 16 and 23.  The next call will discus a temporary chair to cover Ian’s absence.

Call Schedule & details

Next call September 2, 11:30am USA Pacific time, (7:30pm UK(BST), 20:30 CET) – Call details are: Tel. +1-218-486-8700 pass code 120905.