In line with the OASIS standards procedure defined at the Provisioning Services Technical Committee submits the following information to OASIS administration to move the 1.0 Committee Specification onto final OASIS vote and ratification as an OASIS Open Standard.:

Formal Specification

This specification consists of three documents described and available as follows:

Document Description
cs-pstc-spml-core-1.0.pdf Core specification document; contains both normative and non-normative description of the 1.0 specification [1]
cs-pstc-spml-bindings-1.0.pdf Bindings document; contains normative description of SOAP/HTTP & file based transport bindings [2]
cs-pstc-spml-schema-1.0.xsd XML Schema; contains the definition of message and protocol formats for SPML V1.0 [3]


Summary of Specification

In late 2001, the OASIS Provisioning Services Technical Committee (PSTC) was formed to define an XML-based framework for exchanging user, resource and service provisioning information. The resulting specification defines the concepts, operations, deployment and XML schema, for an XML based request and response protocol for provisioning.

Relationship of SPML to Other OASIS TC Efforts

In the generation of the SPML V1.0 specification, the PS-TC has worked diligently to where appropriate reuse, build upon and inter-operate with, other recognized open industry standards. The following very briefly outlines those relevant to other OASIS TC efforts.


SPML V1.0 builds upon the work of the Directory Services TC. SPML re uses some of the concepts and schema elements of the DSML v2.0 specification. In outline it builds upon its basic name/value attribute representation model, as part of the SPML provisioning schema.


SPML V1.0 supports a model in which senders and receivers of SPML protocol messages agree upon the context of a predefined unique identifier for the provisioning of data. One of the identifier types that SPML supports is a SAML assertion. In summary a SAML assertion may be the unique identifier used to qualify a subject, against which, a specific request is targeted.

Certification of Member Use of Specification

So far, the following three vendors have certified their use of the SPML V1.0 specification in accordance with the OASIS IPR policy.

Waveset Technologies at [4]
Business Layers at [5]
OpenNetwork Technologies [6]
Computer Associates [6.1]
BMC [6.2]


Public Review Comments & Issues

During the initial OASIS wide review period, we received no comments from TC members or from OASIS members outside the PS-TC.  Throughout the formal specification process, the TC has maintained an issues, this is current, and available at [7].


Results of Committee Draft Vote

On 6/1/03 the TC voted to adopt the then top level draft specification to Committee Specification status. This vote is documented at [7b]. As part of this process, on 5/19/2003 the TC voted to table the then standing issues, as documented, for consideration in a 1.1 version of the specification process, this is documented at [8].


Prior Votes & Comments

During the open comments phase of the 1.0 specification process, the TC did not receive comments or issues that required a subsequent vote. Internally there were several issues raised during the adoption of Committee Specification status, the latter of three are identified in the table below with supporting draft/revision details. 

Comment / Issues

Draft / Revision


Draft 15 & 16

Draft 14

Draft 11-13

Draft 10

Draft 09

Draft 08

Comments Archive

A full list of comments and discussion has been maintained throughout the process of generating the 1.0 specification.  The TC held four face-to-face meetings, each of which was attended to quorum and recorded in verified minutes in accordance with TC process.  The comment archive and posting of minutes is available at [9], the public comments archive has never been posted to and as such, can not be reference in this submission.


Review of OASIS IPR Policy

I Darran Rolls representative of Waveset Technologies and chair of the PS-TC can certify that each contributing member has been clearly provided with a link to the OASIS IPR Policy web page at and to the best of my knowledge none has or intends to submit claims against this specification.

Minority Reports

During the closing stages of the committee specification process, several issues where raised by contributing members as documented in the "Prior Votes & Comments" section above. Those members that voted against the adoption of Committee Specification status filed no formal minority report as a result of the vote as concluded. All issues raised thus far have been formally documented in the Issues List document referenced above, for consideration in the 1.1 or 2.0 revision process.