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Extensible Resource Descriptor

22 October 2009


This document describes version 1.0 of the Extensible Resource Descriptor namespace. It also contains a directory of links to related resources.

Namespace URI Versioning Policy

The OASIS XRI Technical Committee intends that the Extensible Resource Descriptor namespace URI will be altered upon any revision to the corresponding XML Schema document published in conjunction with a Committee Draft or Committee Specification that results in a change that breaks either forward or backward compatibility with a previously published Committee Specification.

Under this policy, most substantive changes made to the XML Schema document following publication in conjunction with a Committee Specification will result in a change to the namespace URI in the next published version unless compatibility can be verified.

While it is also the intent that incompatible changes will not occur between Committee Drafts, the Technical Committee reserves the right to make such changes without changing the namespace URI. In such cases, consultation with the implementation community will be sought before doing so, but the final decision rests with the TC's voting members.

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Normative Reference:

Extensible Resource Descriptor (XRD) 1.0


Extensible Resource Descriptor (XRD) 1.0


Committee Draft 01


22 October 2009

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OASIS Extensible Resource Identifier (XRI) TC


Peter Davis, Drummond Reed


Eran Hammer-Lahav, Will Norris

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