ebXML Messaging TC Teleconference Minutes June 23, 2010


Ian Jones                      Chair

Timothy Bennett

Jacques Durand

Sander Fieten

Dale Moberg

Pim van der Eijk


Iwasa Kazunori

Makesh Rao

Ric Emery                    – Leave of absence


The agenda / meeting calling notice is available at:




Actions from Previous meeting







Matters arising from actions



Agenda Review

No changes


Approval of previous Minutes


Version 3.0 work

Part 2: Advanced features

Pim has published an updated of the spec that was mainly editorial changes with the exception of a paragraph from Jacques in section 5.2 and appendix G error messages.


Sander has 2 comments on message splitting 1) with transport restart is good in point-to-point but could also be used in single legs of multi-hop(first/last). 2) Concern about the related comments and suggestion for use of restart.  Both of these were discussed and no major issues were found or further work identified.


It was agreed that Pim and Jacques would make one final run through the spec with a view votes next week to start the formal review process over the summer.


Action: All to review current V3 advanced features spec. and post any questions / issues and proposed solutions if you have one.  This looks pretty close to finished so Please, Please read and comment.


AS4-SC Report


Actions and issues



Jacques highlighted a new paper form DMTF about cloud-computing and section 8 refers to MEPs which are very similar to those defined in version 3.

Call Schedule & details

Next call June 30 2010, 11:30pm USA Pacific time, (7:30pm UK(BST), 20:30 CET) for 1 hour– Call details are: Tel. +1-218-486-8700 pass code 120905.