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 DocBook TC Minutes, 07/08 Mar 1999
DocBook and XML
Disposition of RFEs
Accepted Changes
Pending Changes
Action Items


These notes summarize the DocBook Technical Committee (TC) meeting that took place in San Jose on 07 and 08 Mar 1999 as part of the OASIS meetings colocated with XTech'99.


  • Discuss XML migration

  • Review of RFEs

  • Discuss 4.0 to make sure we've identified all the backwards incompatible changes we want for 5.0

  • Better support for other computer languages (funcsynopsis and inlines)

  • Additional inlines for Linux community

  • Revisit use of %nav.class; in book components and sections

  • Review ToC/LoT apparatus, should LoT become ListOfTitles? Should TOC persist?

  • Marginal graphics

DocBook and XML

The TC has decided that DocBook v5.0 will be XML compatible. We will not rename DocBook and the only change made to the FPI will be the version number (we will not add “XML” to the FPI).

We will add a README file that explains the hardest issues, such as tag omission, inclusions, exclusions, etc.

Disposition of RFEs


RFE Type Ver Summary
17 enh 3.2 Add common Condition attribute for generic effectivity
37 bug 5.0 MsgText has far too broad a content model
38 enh 3.2 Review nav.class availability
65 bug 3.2 Additional inlines for Linux documentation
80 enh 5.0 DocBook should use the exchange table model
81 bug 3.2 Sidebar should have a *Info element
83 bug 5.0 remove Title from bibliocomponent.mix
84 bug 5.0 Adjust content of CiteTitle
85 bug 3.2 Add "Journal", "Series", "Set" and "Manuscript" values to Pubwork on CiteTitle
87 bug 3.2 SGMLTag doesn't deal well with XML
88 enh 3.2 Add PEs to INCLUDE/IGNORE dbcent and dbnotn en masse
89 bug 5.0 Remove default values for (some) attributes
91 bug 5.0 Remove %synop.class; from %para.char.mix;?
92 enh 3.2 Add CO to Synopsis?
94 bug 5.0 ErrorName is confusing and probably wrong
97 enh 5.0 Simplify ToC content model


RFE Type Ver Summary
23 enh   [ replaced by RFE 95 ]
44 enh   [ replaced by RFE 96 ]
82 bug 3.1 add citetitle to bibliocomponent.mix
86 enh 4.0 [ replaced by RFE 96 ]
90 enh 3.2 [ dup of RFE 38 ]


RFE Type Ver Summary
95 enh 5.0 Extend FuncSynopsis for modern programming languages
96 enh 4.0 Extend inlines for modern programming languages


RFE Type Ver Summary
36 enh   Creating marginal graphics

Accepted Changes

As a result of the preceding RFEs, the changes described below will be made.

Version 3.2

  • A new effectivity attribute, Condition will be added to the common attributes. (17)

  • The elements in the %nav.class ; parameter entity will be allowed at the component and section levels. (38)

  • The content model of components and sections will be made loose, as the content model of book was made loose in 3.1. (38)

  • The class values devicefile and libraryfile will be added to Filename. (65)

  • The class values username, groupname , and library will be added to SystemItem . (65)

  • A SideBarInfo element will be added to SideBar. (81)

  • The values Journal, Series, Set, and Manuscript will be added to PubWork attribute of CiteTitle. (85)

  • The attribute values xmlpi (for <?pitarget ?>) and emptytag (for <foo/>) will be added to the Class attribute of SgmlTag

  • Parameter entities will be added to allow a customization layer to remove the dbcent.mod and dbnotn.mod modules. (88)

  • CO will be added to the content models of Synopsis and LiteralLayout. (92)

Version 5.0

  • The content model of MsgText will be reduced to a mixture that is equivalent to the current % example.mix;. (37)

  • The full CALS table model will be replaced with the OASIS Exchange Table model. (80)

  • Title will be removed from % bibliocomponent.mix;. The title in a bibliographic entry is properly a citation and not a title, so the appropriate markup is CiteTitle . CiteTitle was added to % bibliocomponent.mix; in DocBook 3.1. (83)

  • The content model of CiteTitle will be reduced to %title.char.mix;. (84)

  • The Class attribute on ProductName will be made #IMPLIED. (89)

  • The Synopsis element will be removed from %para.char.mix;. (91)

  • ErrorName will be defined to be the name for an ErrorCode (ENOENT). ErrorCode will be defined to be the alphanumeric code for the error (-2). ErrorType remains the classification of the error. ErrorText will be added to hold the text of an error message. (94)

Pending Changes

As a result of the preceding RFEs, the changes described below will be made as soon as the details can be worked out.

Version 5.0

  • The content model of ToC will be simplified. The semantic of a ToC is that it only contains entries for the elements that are its peers and descendants of its peers. The semantic of an empty ToC is that it is a location where an automatically generated table of contents is to appear. (97) Perhaps:

    <!ELEMENT ToC - O ((%bookcomponent.title.content;)?,
            (%component.mix;)*, (ToCDiv* | ToCEntry*))
    <!ELEMENT ToCDiv - O ((%sect.title.content;)?,((%tocdivcomponent.mix;)*,
    <!ATTLIST ToCDiv
            %linkend.attrib; --to element that this entry represents--
    <!ELEMENT ToCEntry - - ((%para.char.mix;)+,ToCEntry*)>
    <!ATTLIST ToCEntry
            %linkend.attrib; --to element that this entry represents--
  • FuncSynopsis will be extended to provide support for modern programming languages.

  • Additional inlines will be added to provide support for modern programming languages.

Action Items

  • Look at DOM WG's IDL model for ideas about extending FuncSynopsis.

  • Formulate proposal for new inlines (RFE 96).

  • Find out more about IETM forms (RFE 93).

  • Fix documentation for KeyCap. (Norm)

  • Cleanup *Info contents and add an RFE for it. (Terry)

  • Ask list about renaming ToC and LoT to TableOfContents and ListOfTitles, respectively.



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