OData TC meeting #157 Thursday Jan 12, 2017

Acting chair: Ralf

Chat transcript from room: odatatc
2017-01-12 0800-1000 PT

1. Roll call

1.1 Members present

        Hubert Heijkers (IBM)
        Mark Biamonte (Progress Software)
        Matthew Borges (SAP SE) a.k.a. Matt
        Michael Pizzo (Microsoft) a.k.a. Mike
        Ralf Handl (SAP SE)
        Stefan Hagen (Individual)
        Susam Malaika (IBM)
        Ted Jones (Red Hat)

Quorum achieved. Details cf. normative attendance sheet for this meeting (event_id=43960).

Notes taken by all and subsequently edited for readability by Stefan.

2. Approve agenda

Mike: Discuss ISO standardization

Ralf: Do this after action items, no further changes

Agenda approved as published with additional item "Discuss ISO standardization".

3. Approve minutes from previous meeting(s)

3.1 Minutes from December 15, 2016 TC meeting #156


Minutes approved unchanged as published.

4. Review action items [Link to Action item list]

4.1 Action items due

4.1.1 AI#0036 - "Register the OData- headers and preferences with IANA"

Ralf: Mike and Mark discussed several points in the registration documents

Ralf: Mark will prepare review versions of the documents for week after next

Action #0036 ongoing.

5. ISO standardization

Mike: OASIS Company Membership: https://www.oasis-open.org/member-roster

Ralf: Todo for all TC members working for a sponsor company: prepare press release text - Mike will verify that

6. Issue Processing

6.1 Issues for V4.01_CSD02 in New or Open state

6.1.1 ODATA-674 - Specify navigation property binding combined with containment

Ralf: Assigned to Mike and Hubert

6.1.2 ODATA-760 - Add to depth restrictions to Capabilities Vocabulary

Ralf: Mark to prepare a proposal

6.1.3 ODATA-817 - Add client-side function odata.matchesRegularExpression

Ralf: Assigned to Ralf

All: please send feedback on regular expression syntax for your favorite programming language(s)

Ralf: elaborate use cases, e.g. extending the validation vocabulary

Mike: this would suggest to use the same RE syntax as JSON Schema

6.1.4 ODATA-854 - Consider use of OPTIONS for discovering formats, other capabilities and features

Nothing minuted

6.1.5 ODATA-868 - Describe HTTP encoding for streamed requests and responses

Ralf: Hubert volunteers

6.1.6 ODATA-879 - Support Arrays of Arrays

Ralf: Mike will take care of this

6.1.7 ODATA-884 - Add term ErrorCodes to describe possible codes in error messages (public comment c201510e00019)

Ted: Have to step away for a 30 minute call (please don't assign anything to me like ODATA-879 while I'm gone)

Ralf: @Ted: will do :-9

Ralf: Mike to check with Jeff Wight on requirements

Ralf: Ralf will prepare proposal, any comments are welcome

6.1.8 ODATA-919 - Specify the result type for each operation based on operator types

Ralf: Evan is working on this

6.1.9 ODATA-920 - Specify overflow for int data types (-INF, INF, NaN)

Ralf: Mike will prepare proposal

Ralf: Back to ODATA-919 Specify the result type for each operation based on operator types

Mike: send input/thoughts on Evan's question on relaxing division by zero to allow returning null instead of failing

Ralf: Mark will look into SQL to see how this is dealt with there

6.1.10 ODATA-923 - $expand (or $include) for $metadata to include referenced schemas

Ralf: Mike will take this as he has stakeholders for this feature

6.1.11 ODATA-950 - Clarify what requests can be delta enabled

Ralf: Matt Borges will prepare a proposal

6.1.12 ODATA-962 - CORS Support

Nothing minuted

6.1.13 ODATA-994 - consider replacing SchemaVersion header with $SchemaVersion query option, or root URL versioning

Ralf: Ralf to contact Martin wrt caching

6.1.14 ODATA-999 - Consider adding support for 'aliases' on Entity sets, Singletons and Properties

Ralf: Hubert to close this without action

6.1.15 ODATA-1002 - Add build in functions operating on collections of primitive (and complex?) types

Ralf: Hubert to check whether existing proposal reflects the discussion in the comments

6.1.16 ODATA-1003 - Allow casting of entities and complex type instances to arbitrary structural type

Ralf: Hubert will take this one

6.1.17 ODATA-1005 - Make sure we have capabilities for all new 4.01 functionality

Ralf: Tracking issue, will assign it once 4.01 is feature-complete

6.1.18 ODATA-1008 - Consider deprecating symbolic "max" length

Ralf: ODATA-1008 is OPEN

Ralf: Ralf to prepare proposal for compatibly deprecating max

6.1.19 ODATA-1011 - Security experts at RSA suggest adding guidance on the use of OAuth and openID

Ralf: Stefan will take this one

6.1.20 ODATA-1014 - How does client find out if implicit parameter aliases are supported?

Ralf: Close ODATA-1014 without action as it is a duplicate of ODATA-1005

6.1.21 ODATA-1015 - Reference Atom format from Version 4.01 documents?

Ralf: ODATA-1015 is OPEN

Hubert: I move to resolve ODATA-1015 by removing all the references in the v4.01 OData documents to Atom. Stefan seconds.

Ralf: ODATA-1015 is resolved with the amended proposal

6.1.22 ODATA-1016 - 11.2.9: clarify /$count segment and system query options

Ralf: Replace
The returned count MUST NOT be affected by $top, $skip, $orderby, or $expand. Content negotiation using the Accept request header or the $format system query option is not allowed with the path segment /$count.

The system query options $top, $skip, $orderby, $expand, and $format as well as content negotiation using the Accept request header are not allowed with the path segment /$count.

Hubert: disallowing these query options is a breaking change

Mike: clients SHOULD NOT combine these query options with /$count path segments

Mike: Propose change to direction to the client, as in: Clients SHOULD NOT combine system query options $top, $skip, $orderby, $expand, and $format as well as content negotiation using the Accept request header, with the path segment /$count.

Mike: Revised: Clients SHOULD NOT combine system query options $top, $skip, $orderby, $expand, and $format as well as content negotiation using the Accept request header, with the path segment /$count. The result of such a request is undefined.

Mike: further revised: Clients SHOULD NOT combine system query options $top, $skip, $orderby, $expand, and $format with the path segment /$count. The result of such a request is undefined.

Ralf: ODATA-1016 is OPEN

Hubert: I move to resolve ODATA-1016 as per the amended proposal. Mike seconds.

Ralf: ODATA-1016 is RESOLVED with the amended proposal

6.1.23 ODATA-1017 - Extend FilterExpressionRestrictions with "Pattern"

Mike: clarify that this property can only be used as the left operand

Ralf: ODATA-1017 is OPEN

Ralf: Ralf to prepare proposal

7. Next meetings

7.1 Next Meeting Thursday January 19, 2017 during 08:00-10:00 am PST

Date and time of meeting agreed

8. AOB and wrap up

Stefan: Redfish using OData 4.0

Stefan: Do we have a "registry" of OData users/implementers?

Mike: odata.org has an ecosystem page that tries to track usage

Mike: Was engaged more than a year in giving feedback to the redfish project.

Stefan: As an active (fresh) member of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) OASIS TC, I discussed with Jason Keirstead (IBM) his idea, that an equivalent to specifying a TAXII server might be to "simply" offer CTI content (eg. STIX documents) as an OData service to profit from OData's flexible discovery and navigation options.

Stefan: I am willing to explore this possibility in parallel to supporting the CTI TC in development of STIX and TAXII specifications. In case I need advice or feedback along the way, would there be interest from the members of this TC to provide it?

Mike: Yes

Stefan: Work with Mike to bring OData to CTI OASIS TC

Meeting adjourned by chair.